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  1. ya dick {jk}, i had this set up in my heid before i even came into the thread
  2. Ah right enough he should've planned for his business to be shut down by the government for over a year. fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
  3. if he can't pay his mortgage, he shouldnt have pushed the boat out as far and settled for a more modest house
  4. no, i don't need wrapped in cotton wool, some do, and while i respect their needs, selfish c***s like you don't seem to give a f**k about them.
  5. i pretty much had they same views when folk moaned about being unable to have a pint or go see some wee shite tinpot scottish football team....me, me, me
  6. just popped out for 20 wee regal and a bottle of ''tonic''
  7. Robert Boothby says ''Hello'' {from beyond the grave}
  8. Shania Twain - Man ! I Feel Like A Woman
  9. don't have a need for a passport, never had an issue with masks.
  10. he's very raw, and he's a lego pep favourite and isnt really ready for league games that are in the balance, 2 or 3 up and cup ties would be the only time i'd give him minutes.
  11. I know its trolls thats spouting it all, but Tierney was clearly coming back once fit. Unsure why anyone is claiming otherwise, or that he is anything other than wildly popular with Arsenal fans. nothing trolling about it, and ''wildly popular'' would suggest he has the same amount of support from gooners that he has here, which he clearly doesnt.
  12. Duran Duran - New Moon On Monday
  13. Babepedia Boobpedia Freeones Follow Follow Rangers Media 5 sites full of Tits & Fannies.
  14. Nine Inch Nails - Hurt {love JC's version but i'm giving the original the nod here}
  15. Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven
  16. Saw this on Channel 4 probably sometime in the early to mid 90's Saw this at the weekend, agree it was pretty entertaining, the fact that the main guy was like ''yer da'' and didn't rip his top off to reveal 22 inch arms made it all the more enjoyable and less cliched
  17. if that's what you want Mr Swinney, i'll comply
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