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  1. Mental Health is nothing but an overused buzzword and Tesco will always need shelf stackers
  2. not at all, i was just agreeing with a guy who was red dotted because he too can't believe the entitlement shown on the website
  3. are you serious ? a bunch of entitled football fans is not going to make even a small dent, fuckin hell, talk about delusions of grandeur, i thought you guys just overrated the bang average players that turn out for the national team
  4. there is just no talking to the bell ends on here, its staggering just how strong their ''we know what's best'' stance is.
  5. people only make a noise or drop weights to attract attention, {no longer anywhere near this, but i was once strong enough to pick up 240kgs, i never ever let it clatter onto the floor, that's what fannies do}
  6. looking forward to the Amazon fixtures, glorious full stadia atmosphere looms.....
  7. that's why i've bulit a gym in my back garden shed, fannies like you.
  8. Sabrina - Boys {so ''good'' i'm posting it twice}
  9. i have never seen one of these movies, Christopher Reeves as Superman & Michael Keaton as Batman is where it ended for me, i am firmly in the Martin Scorsese camp.
  10. hey, you don't need to convince me i'm from that era, but there are a lot of 20 & 30 something that piss on old movies while using words like ''awesome'' for shite comic book movies, don't talk to me about fake when you mention that bag of w**k
  11. yes, something to do with kettle selling stores that had been forced to close complained it was unfair supermarkets had a free run at trading such items
  12. Huey Lewis & The News - Back In Time
  13. i think i might have play against you, are you the wee right back i went by for fun ? Or the fella in midfield who claimed to be more evil than satan ?
  14. less than 2 weeks until 2022 and folk still believe in a deity
  15. can i be cheeky and ask how much that cost ? And what do they actually do to have people selling tickets.
  16. {Again, i know it isnt Scotland } This shitehole, took a tip without giving me the option to tell the scrounging c***s to f**k off.
  17. never been in a pub for over well over a decade, but i've been in a few rough as f**k joints in Salford, apparently i missed someone getting shot in the face by a couple of weeks.
  18. you sound poor, paying to get a delivery is something i'll still be doing when this is properly done.
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