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  1. anything with the slightest connection to The Stereophonics, even cover version lyrics become shite.
  2. The Rolling Stones = Street Fighting Man
  3. i'm an incarnation of no one, that's why i stand out on here, unlike yourself, just another bell end of P & B
  4. he took over the champions of england, who'd just won the league by 11pts he's partly to blame for the shite recruitment he never got 6 years pay for 8 months, failure to get Top 4 activated a clause, he only got a 12 month pay off
  5. what a fuckin' state that post is, .but unfortunately more than a few people share your views,
  6. not at all true, i think Michelle Moan is beautiful and fantastic woman, and a credit to her nation.
  7. what a guy. using a current phrase like ''top 6'' to embellish a man's ''achievements'', 6th, 7th .8th was nowhere in his days at Everton.
  8. i've been the exact opposite, people go missing everyday in the US, even before the Woke crowd on twitter sent out one tweet, i knew it would be news headlines as she was a ''pretty blonde white chick'', still its a tragic story and it must be heartbreaking for her parents, however with all that extra media attention, the police had to up their game, and look what they found while searching for the guy who they think may have murdered the ''girl next door'' https://www.news.com.au/travel/gabby-petitos-death-hunt-for-brian-laundrie-unearths-seven-bodies/news-story/fa0238999c1212b2d1fde59948d55e09 human remains found in an area that was previously underwater https://nypost.com/2021/10/20/articles-belonging-to-brian-laundrie-found-in-florida-nature-reserve/
  9. quality 2nd half from Man United, but what a surprise, the P & B mainstays who watch absolute dogshit teams ever week are telling us this player and that player are w**k, what a weird place this is.
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