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  1. Andy doesn’t want it. Not sure if Kevin is staying on in some capacity but doubt he’ll get the managers job
  2. Don’t mention it! lost the other one 2-1 but I couldn’t make it that day
  3. West Park could work if planning permission for Huntershill was to ever be approved. Get Rossvale and West Park playing there, two good surfaces and plenty of space to set some terracing and catering up. Could even have one home ground on the top pitch and one on the bottom pitch! But… I don’t get the need for two WoSFL teams from Bishopbriggs. Also, what is “Rossvale Academy”? Is this a B team that Rossvale want in a lower WoSFL division, or is it a separate entity?
  4. Yes it is and they went to the council for planning permission at Huntershill and it was rejected, hence the move to Petershill Park. They really need to move back to Huntershill somehow if they want to generate some support. Mind you their womens team get no bad numbers sometimes. its a shame because Huntershill would be a really great venue for Rossvale and the surface on the bottom pitch is quality!
  5. Nice to see Kilbirnie relegated as that will be a superb away day next season! What’s the standards of the teams relegated so far? Confident Candy can beat Largs next season if they go down, based on the cup match. Candy won on pens but should’ve won it by a few in normal time. Largs looked really fit, but nothing special technically. Ref also gave them a helping hand a bit I thought that game.
  6. Martin Lauchlan being linked to the Candy
  7. Was gonny head to Firhill tonight for this but my mate was injured and not in the squad + I’m busy this week. Shame it wasn’t on BBC. How was it? Guessing Pars are favourite at EEP?
  8. Do Broomhill actually have any existing fans whatsoever?
  9. Wasn’t the best of games but thought ICT were definitely deserved winners and had more attacking quality overall. Will win by a few on Friday for me.
  10. Fucking b*****d so it is, away on holiday then I’m away to Ireland for Scotland awaydays so I’m gonny miss the Candy winning this
  11. Wish there was a way to watch this game man. Once I pass my test gonny take a lot for me not to just show up at every big WoSFL game like this and spunk all my money that way. Looks a cracker of a game. Two great teams and a great crowd.
  12. Really unlucky at the weekend against Ardrossan, totally dominated but missed so many chances. Canny be dropping points against teams like that look forward to the Largs game
  13. This would be proper exciting and I actually think he is a really good manager, but I wouldn’t like to watch Aberdeen games wanting them to win every time
  14. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/kjetil-knutsen-fits-aberdeen-bill-23084934 you could make an argument for Kjetil Knutsen being the best appointment in Scottish football in years if Aberdeen got him, can’t see it happening though the other names being thrown about bar the boy from FC Volendam are pretty boring. Kevin Thomson managing a pro club would be cool but maybe a bit early. Seems a really knowledgeable and passionate guy.
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