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  1. Alternatively, there may be a lot of older, experienced pros who are fed up of listening to the same run of the mill managers who have been doing the rounds at various clubs over the last twenty years. Perhaps a new, enthusiastic manager with a true passion for his club would make an appealing change? On your second point, not everyone will have the patience to wait for a couple of years but I would if I thought the style and intent of the football was worth the wait. If he resorts to signing another big guy to replace Cameron and take the long-ball-hope-for-knock-downs approach, then my patience would last the first half of the first game of the new season.
  2. With respect to declining the prize, I suppose it depends on how much money he put into the draw. As far as I know there isn't a limit to how many tickets you can buy. He may have bought several/loads of tickets and so contributed a significant proportion of the sponsorship raised. I can imagine that at some local money raising event where someone bought 20 tickets and most other people bought 1 or 2, then you'd be reluctant to say redraw it. Maybe once you'd won a prize, then subsequent wins would be redrawn. However, of course, there was only one prize. I know it still doesn't look good but just playing devil's advocate!
  3. bcd, the big coincidence draw. I'm sure that everything was above board and that he probably bought most tickets but it still doesn't look good.
  4. Well, well, this is now going to be even more excruciating!!
  5. 2,241 attendance, with over 700 Ayr fans. Maybe nearer 800 but didn't hear properly.
  6. Fairly even so far. Clearer chances for Ayr but Queens much more on the front foot.
  7. Everything is relative, for him that's a hot streak
  8. Scoring would be great but just having a shot would be an improvement.
  9. No, 'fraid not. Hoping to see it at halftime but spinning screen again
  10. If we score another 3 or 4 quickly we may be able to hold on !
  11. Can only assume that it's an age thing? Think I've paid cash at the gate at about every ground in Scotland. We always enjoy our days out, big or small. Cheers.
  12. All sounds very sensible and I agree with most (all) of it, except in an ideal world we would go back to a grass pitch again. I think Josh Rae will also have a few other offers for next season. I would also give Nditi another contract, partly because he was good in the early part of the season before being mucked about with positionally and partly because we'll almost certainly be down a division, so he should be able to cope with that. Yes, it would be great to see a the stadium and surrounds given a little TLC.
  13. Yes, one of the main fallacies of the play-offs; a team just not up to competing in a higher league wins a little mini cup competition to get promoted. Also, a team having a great spell at the end of the season sneaks into a play-off spot and is on such a roll that it wins promotion. Some of us older/dinosaur fans always point to the whole point of a league being that the final standings usually demonstrates the overall strength of the competing teams. Of course, the usual caveats apply; a fourth placed team may end up being the better team due to January signings, new manager, players returning from injury. As long as the current system prevails, we'll have to content ourselves in that it can make the last few weeks of a season more interesting than it otherwise might have been.
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