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  1. I think what you say is correct thought he was easily the best of the trialist although none of them got much help from the signed players and maybe we should ask his granddad to play centre back
  2. Lowland League does it again The one season only has been blown out the water (really surprised at that NOT) Scottish football again following ££££ rather than fairness and integrity
  3. Scored where ever he has been but thought he was 54
  4. Pretty accurate report on the game Darvel had more possession without ever really hurting Tranent the 3 lads at the back were tremendous l thought every Tranent player worked tirelessly and credit to the manager for his tactics finally the officials were excellent
  5. Totally agree but Lowland League are seemingly allowed to do as they like
  6. Could not agree more and I’m reading today that Hearts are the next club willing to pay the ransom money for entry
  7. The decision should be taken away from individual leagues and the SFA should be making the decisions
  8. With all the comments it seems like Penicuik are the only team that has had decisions going their way I can think of plenty going against them including a very dodgy penalty for Musselburgh at Olivebank
  9. I think you will find both decisions were correct when you look at the EOS results page 3 points in the bag
  10. Nothing to do with the wages
  11. In my opinion the only down side was the removal of the concession ticket smacks of taking the piss
  12. Passed Penicuik park today and thankfully we are away to Blackburn tomorrow as I don’t think our pitch would be playable in fact our 20’s game is off tonight and that was on Astro Anywhere else that could be struggling
  13. How are things looking across the grounds for tomorrow
  14. I see games at Aberdeen and Arbroath have been cancelled due to the weather any chance of any EOS games being called off
  15. Are you still allowed to park at the school
  16. The whole situation is farcical like you say why would LL clubs vote to relegate two it should be an SFA decision in the name of sporting integrity but as usual they say they want a pyramid but do nothing to promote it
  17. Well deserved win for Tranent better all over the park ended 3.0
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