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  1. Borderline must win for the mighty. Definitely in the must not lose category. Would like to see Spencer, Matthews or both heavily involved.
  2. Vaughan is going to save our season. Only joking. I’m in two minds about it, sounds like a bounce game week after next and he’ll start to be involved. I feel like we’ll all be waiting for the inevitable when he’s back involved so god only knows how he feels about it all. Special talent and I’m unsure I’ve willed anyone to remain fit more. Excited to have Spencer and Matthews back training and available I’d like to see them back in beside Stanton asap.
  3. Rebuild season and we’d be a different team with a dominant centre half and forward. Ideally we’d push Brown to RB as well with Spencer, Matthews and Stanton in the middle.
  4. I think we can all agree when big Freddo starts playing we’ll win the league. Do we think he’ll score 30 or 40 this season?
  5. If they hadn't mostly walked away to the subway the stadium would be seething right now.
  6. Start chucking stuff on the park lads. Cannae allow these refs to constantly rob you.
  7. Cannae believe McGregor wasn't getting a game and just saved one none handed.
  8. Take it Lundstram falls into the 'badge kissing' midfield hard man that 'gets' what it means to play for Rangers? Can't see any other reason the fans rate him.
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