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  1. If the winner stays on, with neither team having won, do both go down?
  2. Tempted to put it down to the bad weather but that was pretty turgid. Motherwell arguably looked more dangerous after losing their man and manager. Highlight probably Bushiri making a decent tackle on Van Veen and setting up another - ultimately fruitless - playing out the back scenario.
  3. Glens Vodka vs Eden Mill Gin Result after 45 minute: inconclusive
  4. If Dave Cormack goes on Sportsound again to shout at Kenny McIntyre will that galvanise Aberdeen again? Is it a case of diminishing returns?
  5. Well not based on too much other than highlight reels and accolades before he came but I thought he looked decent last night and wasn't afraid to get involved. Not sure he'll be a direct replacement but I'd be happy to give him the chance for now at-least. Glad to hear the accolades about Mitchell should it come off, liked him since he signed for Hibs in my football manager career a long time ago and was abit miffed when he went to Hearts in the cold light of day. If he's a LWB I guess he's competition for Doig, or perhaps a replacement, which based on current form I wouldn't oppose - barring the assist last night of-course.
  6. I don't think its the principle reason he moved but I'm sure he's considered that it may make his international football easier by not having to travel as far, and given it seems to be quite dear to him I'd imagine the contract will stipulate he's allowed to prioritise his Australia duties in a way which was at times quite conflicting for Hibs. Whether or not he still gets in the Australia team after playing for what appear to be a bunch of diddies is another matter entirely. But certainly I think his Australia form has played a part in this move. Should that continue to improve then I reckon he could maybe get another out of it.
  7. It is the right decision, however after seeing Mueller look somewhat promising last night I'm disappointed not to have had the chance to see them play together for any length of time. Also while I'm at it I think its pish we've seen Mackay and Tait punted out on loan to Killie, the latter of which we haven't even seen in a Hibs shirt. On last nights display I reckon Tait would offer more than Henderson from what little I know of both players, or might have been an option for a midfield which looked pedestrian and scared to make a pass last night.
  8. On the contrary, I would suggest that it is indeed you who is trying to be far, far too clever with your 'hot take' and ignoring the basic fact that Hibs under Maloney will trample all under foot, including your own scarf twirling diddies should you choose to remain in the division.
  9. @General dissaray Any signings Hearts should be looking at to replace Souttar?
  10. It's pretty 50/50 as a penalty. Hits the hand/arm but its not really an un-natural position for someone running about, and the ball was almost kicked into it, albeit not deliberately. I won't complain too much about it, but it was a very harsh decision even if I can see why it was given, and that's down to a lack of clarity in the rules (to my knowledge).
  11. I think with Newell or JDH its a case of one or the other should be in there, not both. JDH for me at the moment, hopefully with Tait and Magennis before too long, but I'm still reasonably comfortable with it being Campbell or even Wright in place of Magennis for now.
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