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  1. What a great wee day. Thought Beaton suffocated the game and we became shite. An equaliser in such circumstances didn't deserve everyone's first born launching onto the pitch but neither could I blame it. We've got problems, undoubtedly we'll see more of them over the course of the season. But for now I'll rest easy on my airbed.
  2. Well fair enough, I've thrown that question to a number of folks and enough people have said the same that they were indeed pretty pants in the few appearances they did make. Despite that I'm still curious about the alternate reality where they got a better crack at the whip, but that curiosity is my burden to bear.
  3. No idea, might just be a Neil Lennon thing. Was thinking about our new leftback and he seems of a similar background to these fellas, hopefully gets a couple more games for us at-least. I suppose Stevenson and Gray were mainstays back then with Mackie and Boyle occasionally providing cover maybe, just surprised they were kept out of the team. In-fact I'd dare say that had we given them a fair crack we'd have won the league by now.
  4. Something just occurred to me that hasn't in a good wee while. At one point we had two fullbacks on our books with good pedigree and never used them, namely Charalampos Mavrias and Miquel Nelom. Mavrias looks to have gone on and had a decent career in Cyprus whilst Nelom doesn't look to have had much luck back in the Netherlands, but arguably came with a better pedigree. My question is why did we not play these guys at the time? Less than 5 appearances combined. We were crap. The mind boggles.
  5. I'm just hopeful that if Johnson see's the opportunity to get put players on the pitch that could be conceived of as 'exciting' then he doesn't hesitate. Case in point being last season's opener against Motherwell. Had Gogic on not having one of his better games in a game where we wanted to take it to the opposition with the relative excitement of Jake Doyle-Hayes on the bench. The latter coming on changed the game for us IMO, but perhaps from the start we may not have gone behind twice in the first place. Seems bonkers to say now given the relatively unexciting contributions from JDH since but I'm hopeful the likes of Delfierre, Youann and Tait get the nod ASAP as I think most of us are thoroughly bored of watching the usual suspects plod along.
  6. I actually really like that, whenever we've been crap in the past reverting to something of a Diamond has generally worked and the players work in those positions, with Newell and Tait having the ability to drift wider if need-be.
  7. I'm grateful for all the advice and even offers of friendship on the day fellas, it's touching and appreciated. If I ended up deciding to try and watch it on HesGoal would I have a black mark against my name in the Perthshire P&B community?
  8. I'm a weird guy and I've always wanted to go see St Johnstone vs Hibs away, my chance has arrived and for some reason I'm not chomping at the bit nearly as much as I thought I would be. If I do go via Train what sort of time should I give myself to walk to the ground, or is that a foolish endeavour? Any decent boozers on route or generally? General advice welcome (including not to bother).
  9. Seemingly Tait played well today, as did Delfiere. Almost inspired to take the trip up to Perth next week.
  10. I personally really like how the league cup is introduced early in the season. It's a ramp up from friendlies but given the group stage format there's generally a good chance - barring a major balls up - that stronger teams rise to the top. It's also a nice opportunity to see other clubs in Scotland that you wouldn't usually face all at once which I think brings the leagues closer together. Regardless, Lee should have known what he was signing up for. Whilst these formats do change, and complaints can be one avenue to instigate such change, it really just comes across as sour grapes and saying nothing would have been better than saying this. Maybe should he survive in post for 2-3 years and make it past the group stages a couple of times would his views be taken a little more seriously.
  11. Well it would be nice to think he might f**k off of his own accord but that seems fanciful given rumours that Maloney was able to extract 1.5 million from Ron for 5 months of work. And besides, where we do we go from there really, probably Steve Kean as the cheap option.
  12. Read this ala John Travolta as Nicholas Cage in Face/Off - "I am Castor Troy" then breaking Jack Ross's neck and making it look like a heart attack.
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