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  1. Some quotes from the 'fishal: Chairman Jim McMahon said: “We ran a very robust process that started with over 70 applicants. We met last weekend to narrow that down to a final three and we spent time interviewing them over the last few days. All three candidates were impressive, and each brought their own positives, but Steven was the unanimous pick of the directors and Well Society board members who sat on the panel. He inspired us with not only his short-term plans to reshape the squad and adapt the style, but his medium to long-term vision around a fully integrated club and we felt this matched how we see the future of the club. We think he will bring many qualities to the job that he has demonstrated running the biggest department at the club for almost five years and it’s abundantly clear to us that he has the support and buy-in of the current squad and staff." [...] “It is an honour for me to be given the responsibility as manager of this wonderful club and something I am very excited about,” Steven Hammell added. “The last two weeks have given me an even bigger appetite for it and I am determined and ambitious to take this team on and put my own stamp on it. I hope I can continue to get my message across and give our supporters a team that will entertain them and a team that they can see are giving their all. I have also spent that time assessing the squad and where I believe our short-term needs are. I think we have some hugely talented players in this group and it’s now my job to get the best from them. I also have first-hand knowledge of the exciting young players at the club and we will integrate them into the first-team environment when they are ready. In addition, I think the players need some help with some new faces. As well as taking the team and planning my application, I have been busy identifying potential targets, should I be successful in getting the job. Now that I have, one of my first tasks will be to look to strengthen our options across a couple of areas.” Strongly suggests that 1) he has a remit to change the style and both SH and board recognise the football we were playing under GA has turned fans off 2) there is a feeling the academy has not been utilised well over the past few seasons (covid also being a factor) 3) players 'giving their all' implies GA had lost the dressing room, as suspected 4) board are willing to support Hammell bringing in a few new players where we are clearly lacking As others have already said, it's a risky appointment, but agree with all SH has said in interviews as caretaker and in the statement above. Lets see if he can solve the problems as well as he can identify them.
  2. That's not really true though, is it? The whole principle of rehabilitation in the UK is underpinned by the disclosure system where convictions for certain types of offences preclude employment in certain sectors. So someone covicted of fraud or theft would be allowed to re-enter the workforce after serving their sentence/paying their fine (their 'second chance') but would not be allowed to work in finance for example, or in posts where they were responsible for cash or budgets, even if they had worked in those kind of positions before. I don't think it's a massive leap form there to say that Mackay is welcome to work in football in some capacity but that he would not be a suitable fit as a manager of a fan-owned community club like ours. That's not a contradiction. Either way, it's a big red NO from me.
  3. I'd personally prefer SOD at right back but bringing in McGinn could work out to be good business too (regardless of why Alexander wanted to sign him). Been mentioned in the thread already that McGinn and SOD could play together if we switch to 3 CBs and wingbacks and that would probably suit their respective strengths better than either playing as a defensive minded full back. I think McGinn is best utilised as a mobile CB on the right of a back 3 anyway. And I'm not against SOD switching to the left if we don't sign a LB too - if the new manager perseveres with a back 4, he'd be a better option than Carrol or McGinley even if they weren't injured.
  4. That's perfectly valid and I'm sure many other listeners feel the same. The issue is that there is no consistency though - if either of the OF are involved in a game, it's 30-45 mins of build-up minimum.
  5. Aye McGinley is still injured but around the squad. You can see him in trainingwear in the background in this image from Paisley last week: https://tinyurl.com/y6pr8ss2
  6. Both teams poor today. Thought a draw would have been a fair result, St. J better in the 1st half and Well stronger 2nd half but wasteful. Goss annoys me to no end and I've been quite vocal about wanted him bammed out of the team in the past. But he was alright today to be fair and looks immediately better when coached by someone who understands his limitations, that he is incapable of covering ground in a midfield 3. Let him ping balls about, focus on set pieces and act as more of a sitting midfielder and he'll do as a squad player. Thought SOD also put in a good shift despite having almost no preseason. McGinn and big Sol were decent too, Cornelius at least played with a bit of passion and energy. But not much to be enthusiastic about beyond that. I want Maguire to do well as he came through our academy. But he finished last season poorly and has been absolute murder so far this year. I don't see how he can develop further now that we're 4 seasons and nearly 70 first team appearances on from his debut. I appreciate that Hammell was brutally honest about the issues in the squad post match vs. Alexander's approach to media questions. The phrase 'it's clear what we're lacking' was pretty telling.
  7. 1 - 0 Well. Considine OG and neither team to have a shot on target. Shields or Efford will sky a shot over the bar from 5 yards. Multiple da's in both supports will be full heads gone by 25 minutes in. Pies will be pretty good.
  8. Prices for away fans should match average prices for home fans IMO, and it's short sighted of clubs to charge £26+ at a time when finances are tight for folk if they truly want to grow attendances. To play devil's advocate a wee bit though, clubs could argue that fitba pricing is if anything cheaper than the going rate for most live events now. Gig prices are £30+ for any reasonably established act, closer to £50 for anything at the Hydro. Saturday theatre tickets are rarely under £25. If you wanted to go and see an AC/DC tribute band in Glenrothes this month it's £20 quid minimum.
  9. You could definitely argue, with some justification, that a larger percentage of prize money could have been put back into playing budgets over the last 10 years or so but personally I'd be hesitant to say we haven't taken advantage of windfall cash in general. Using it to pay off debts, build up contingency funds and upgrade facilities seems like a more sustainable way of consolidating success than investing extra cash directly in wages and transfer fees imho. It's rare for us to see players spend more than 3-4 years at the club now so building a settled team long term is a luxury I don't think clubs at our level have any more.
  10. Goss is as crap at diving as he is at passing. That's a rid neck.
  11. Aye Madden completely justified in sending him off there. I really hope it was spot fixing in a way, if not that is one of the most pathetic attempts at shithousery I've ever seen.
  12. At this point I'd be happy swapping him for a half empty bottle of blue raspberry MD20/20 and a freddo
  13. Too pedestrian for Grezza. My predicted headline: "Bullish Alexander insists he has eased the cost of living crisis for fans by removing the need to book expensive flights to Norway."
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