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  1. Queens were a million times better than us, played through beautifully and created some amount of chances but when you have a clown like Ali Roy upfront that's what happens. I thought they were tidy at the start of the season so the fact they are rock bottom much show how useless they are at converting, would love to see their XG. However I humbly take the 3 points, Sneddon stopped alot, distribution still woeful. Bannigan won a bunch. We still havent found the perfect formation after Rudden, crying out for another winger as it's not fair shoving Smith out there and expecting miracles. Want to see more of Turner in the middle. McKenna not upto to much as per but hes never a full back and thats not his problem. We tak and move on
  2. Thought we were extremely lucky to win that but it came down to finishing. Honestly really liked the look of queens, throught they looked sharp and round alot of overlaps and some really nice movement from them. Would say they were the better team so it's a bit of a grab from us. Wullie Gibson had a great game, his goal was a cracker and Sneddon should he stopping that. Hes also a very nice man for checking on big brian when he fell backwards into an ad board. Think Doc was lucky not to get sent off when he absolutely clattered that boy at the flag, absolutely nasty challenge. If the ref was nearby he would of been in some serious doo doo. Sneddon looked ropey as per but were lucky that calamity didnt cost us a goal, hopefully once Stone gets a look in we can move on from Sneddon. Standouts for me were Holt who was absolutely solid, Rudden for doing alot of work on the first two goals and of course BBG.
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