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  1. What a sickener. Can’t really say much else right now. At least there’s a 3 hour drive down the road to try and digest it.
  2. The credit Swift built up after the unbeaten run is well and truly gone because the subs cost us today. Anderson, James Lyon and Orr were anonymous and offered nothing. Tapping done well until the equaliser, but why not shift Corbett inside and bring on Corr? How Anderson lasted 90 minutes is beyond me, he’s nowhere near the level required. Definitely seeing today as two points dropped rather than one point gained. On a positive front, Euan O’Reilly is different gravy and getting him signed on for next year is great business. He probably should have scored late on but if it wasn’t for him we’d not offer much in an attacking sense so we can’t really be too annoyed.
  3. I think you’re absolutely spot on with this assessment. Jamieson and Crighton both had a good game but then both were in their element when the rather tall striker came on for Annan (forgive the ignorance), he barely got a sniff. O’Reilly is one of only a few players who I’ve been excited at watching turn out for Stenhousemuir whilst in the fourth tier. His confidence to attack in 1v1 situations coupled with his tremendous work rate to defend and win the ball back have made Saturdays fun again. I think your comment about the lack of presence in attack is being nice on Thomas Orr - he’s just not good enough for this level quite frankly. He doesn’t hold the ball up, he makes strange runs to make it look like he’s trying, he cannot compete and he could quite easily have been sent off for hauling Swinglehurst to the ground in the first half. It is always a tough one, though, as if we had Thompson at out disposal today I’d have felt more comfortable, however this would this have possibly changed our ultimately successful game plan.
  4. Really enjoyed that last night and fair fucks to Stephen Swift in turning things around. Winning the last four and being unbeaten in five gives us a platform to kick on the rest of the season. It’s already been said but Euan O’Reilly is the type of player anyone would want in their team. He gives everything to the cause. Can’t wait for Saturday now.
  5. Not at the game today but currently weighing up which is the better option: winning today’s tie and hoping for a decent draw so we can either go on a cup run or get money in to bolster the squad in January cause we certainly need a replacement for Thomson at the very least, or just taking a big fat L today so this fraud’s tenure is over sooner. ETA - however, knowing our luck, we’ll win this one and get knocked out by a jobbing Championship or League 1 team.
  6. Was feeling really uneasy going into this one given how poor we’ve been and the lack of dynamism in our midfield but after watching the game anything other than the 3 points would’ve been the end of the road for Swift as that is the worst Cowden teams I’ve seen. It’s nice to get a win on a Saturday but I don’t think there’s much we can really take from the game. We played well in spells and dominated the chances but the team selection was a concern and now our best player is likely out for a long time.
  7. It can’t be easy, you’re right, but there has to be accountability. My worry is that there is no accountability in the boardroom at Ochilview.
  8. You’re spot on in relation to today and the management. The performance was, by and large, abject and the management is abysmal. The board, whilst providing what we’re led to believe is a generous budget, authorised a 3 year contract for an unproven manager coming from a league with a massive disparity between teams. Our board get a very easy ride. We’ve had some minor successes and enjoyment over the last the 7 years, but the majority of their decisions over this period have been poor at best.
  9. Yet another shit show today. The next two games are massive and, in my opinion, anything less than 4 points should lead to Swift getting the boot. This is turning out to be another failed experiment from a hopelessly inadequate board.
  10. What a shambles. Marshall’s positioning for the second and the level of shitebag he gets to in the third is just hilarious. BJ Coll doesn’t exactly cover himself in glory at the third goal either. He just runs in a straight line towards our own goal line, allowing Agyeman to continue advancing at ease. There’s no pressure on Agyeman at all, despite a couple of heavy touches, and there’s no arcing of his run to block the passing line. It’s the worst defending you’ll see all season. There’s no excusing the utterly inept Marshall yesterday, however we should’ve defended much better than we did.
  11. Wait until you see the highlights. It’s what you’d see from someone who’s taking their turn in goals at 5s and wants to get back outfield.
  12. Long time admirer and reader of P&B and with the return of being able to get to the football I decided to join and share my thoughts. Hopefully there’s more to be positive about in future weeks. Firstly, I think it’s safe to say that was one of the worst refereeing performances I have ever witnessed. Mackins red appeared justified because of his reaction, but the decision to let play on moments earlier baffled me. It looked a certain foul on the big man, and I’ve also no idea how we got a corner immediately afterwards too. But less on what the Warriors can’t control and more on what they can control … Today was very disappointing and I’m quite worried about the season ahead. Whilst we competed with Stirling for the majority of the match there was very little to get excited about. We created very little and I cannot remember Currie really being tested. Too many times we lost possession despite being unchallenged, be it a poor pass or getting the ball stuck under out feet. We passed up a couple of good chances too, in particular when James Lyon tried to cut in on his left rather than shoot. We lacked any real aggression today and were soft in the tackle, particularly in wide areas. We have a good core between Crichton/Jamieson and Forbes/Wedderburn but there isn’t much more to convince me we won’t struggle. I’m also certain that Jamie Mills is the worst left back I’ve seen at the Warriors. It may be the first league game of the season but I’m happy to nail my colours to the mast. He looks completely out his depth. He has no positional sense, has no desire to get on the ball and hides from any sort responsibility. I’m hopeful our strategic partnership with Hibs can see us secure a couple of quality additions but with 20 new signings already through the door I don’t think we can expect many new faces. I think it’s going to be a long season.
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