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  1. I don’t think it was a penalty. However, folk need to remember that the job of VAR in those circumstances is to find proof that the referee made a clear and obvious error. In other words they need to prove that there was no contact. I haven’t seen any angle which explicitly shows there was no contact. On that basis VAR had no business overturning the decision. Simple as that. Still don’t think it was a penalty mind.
  2. Whilst this all makes great reading and there is no doubt attendances are up (well they definitely are at St. Mirren anyway), I assume we shouldn’t kid ourselves that these stats aren’t heavily skewed by 2 clubs.
  3. I suppose you could make a bit of a case for Stephen McGinn and Jim Goodwin as captains of our most recent Championship title win and 2013 League Cup win respectively, but for true legend status I’d need to go back to Shuggie Murray.
  4. Has there been any more definitive news on the 3 doubtful players yet? Any chance some of them might play.
  5. That is very true. Jamieson looked like a wee boy lost during his short appearance on Wednesday, but I’m not going to label him after 15 minutes football when pretty much the whole team was shite. Would be good to get a longer look at him and I can’t think of a better opportunity than today’s game.
  6. Div, I’m not suggesting for one minute that Baccus isn’t a capable footballer, but you cannot deny the fact that with the exception of perhaps one game, he’s been rubbish since the World Cup. On Wednesday night (long before I knew he was potentially injured) I was saying he needs to be rested. To me me he looks like he needs a wee boot up the arse and a game or two on the bench might just achieve that. As well as his poor form he’s also become a red card waiting to happen. Beaton was extremely lenient with him on Wednesday. He should’ve been booked long before he was and if he had, that completely unnecessary slap round the chops he gave the Motherwell player would’ve been a red. He commits way too many fouls for my liking.
  7. I agree Watt is no superstar but I still think he’ll prove to be a step up from Brophy. Although I accept that is pretty faint praise.
  8. Baccus no loss given his recent form but Gogic and Main is a big FFS!! Good news about Greive though.
  9. I think the whole “letting Brophy go and then two strikers getting injured” thing is a complete red herring. Brophy had to go regardless. He’s feckin rubbish. I wouldn’t take him back now even if we could. We brought in Watt anyway, so that cancelled out the Brophy thing and I’d rather have him any day.
  10. I fully believe you are 55, because given the quality of your grammar and punctuation, it’s a long time since you were at school.
  11. Remember the first game so well. First time I ever bought a pint in a pub. The Cellar Bar. Aged 15 years and 10 months. Then up to Parkhead. Only time I was ever in "The Jungle".
  12. No wonder. Absolute bonkers appealing that. Talk about throwing money down the drain.
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