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  1. Thanks for your service your MajesTy. GuTTEd your gone RIP.
  2. Do we import a lot of gas from Russia? As a country with an embarrassment of natural resources, surprised so many happy to pay a huge amount more than our EU neighbours. I thought that we could power the majority of domestic electricity on wind power alone. There's something not quite right about the disparity in energy increase in the UK IMO.
  3. PSV goalkeeper Think it's still tatties for Rangers, but who knows.
  4. Anyone know what the settled outcome is here. Where does it stop. Clearly Putin isn't doing a Hitler.
  5. Can someone explain in simple language what has changed that my energy bill has doubled in two years. Cheers.
  6. Politics aside. Apparently Scotland is subsidised. Can someone explain this. Small country with a small population with an embarrassment of natural resources, but subsidised. Anyone explain this?
  7. Had 4 cans of T. Away to have this and back on to T.
  8. Not started yet, you boring c**t
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