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  1. Applying your own logic, Porto is an embarrassing thug (a fact acknowledged subconsciously by the multitude of Hibs fans who try their utmost to claim the opposite).
  2. Brazil often turn up at the World Cup with fantastic reputations, with only Richarlison's hairstyle as compelling evidence in this tournament. Neymar's hype exceeds his abilities by a factor of ten, but at least he's the only one to fall for it.
  3. The Portugal manager always looks as if he's just brushed his teeth with a toilet brush in the dysentery ward, even when his side has just scored.
  4. McCoist claims that because Ronaldo got to the ball a millisecond before the defender, it's a penalty. Where was the foul though Ally? Ronaldo dived and the ref fell for it, as always.
  5. Has Beale been made aware of how badly Rangers* have been treated historically, so that he can appeal to the refereeing fraternity in his arrival speech at the top of the marble staircase, as his mate Gerrard did? Having said that, I'm still finding it difficult to understand why somebody in his position would give up the opportunity of taking QPR up to the riches of the EPL in favour of a poisoned chalice at Govan's Institute of the Undead.
  6. Michael Beale is hardly going to leave QPR while they've a chance of promotion to the richest league in the world, to take charge of Scotland's staunchest and pluckiest new club company ethereal entity, an entity that's made an operating loss in every year of its short existence.
  7. Vinnie G going all out to obtain his Tact & Diplomacy degree before hitting high school has been a fun read. To be fair, HarleyQuinn's above contradiction evens things up a bit.
  8. The only thing that's 'Tin Pot' about what you posted is Celtic's decade-long refusal to comment on the death of Rangers Football Club, a self-inflicted death that we all witnessed and a death that was universally reported in unison by the media, without exception. The fact that, for the purposes of financial expediency, Celtic and every other Scottish senior club signed up to a secretive five-way agreement that pretended Rangers had merely undergone a change in ownership rather than dying the death of liquidation, doesn't alter the truth about Rangers' death one iota. The rewriting of history and airbrushing of inconvenient facts of the past ten years are only ever swallowed by those with a vested interest, along with the gormless and the deluded, which pretty much covers a large swathe of The Rangers* support.
  9. 'Zibi' Zbigniew Małkowski was always an entertaining watch.
  10. The original Rangers must be spinning in its grave.
  11. Once again a moron with past connections waxes lyrical about the good things that would happen to Rantic if they moved to England, without addressing the patently obvious problem that English clubs neither want nor need them. English clubs allowing them access, even to the lower tiers, would be like turkeys voting for Christmas, and that's purely from a financial viewpoint, before you even begin to look at sectarian bigotry and other crowd behaviour issues.
  12. I'm sure it'll have been discussed before but did Giakoumakis get sent off on Saturday? Surely a yellow card was due for taking off his shirt and a second yellow for running towards the crowd? Or do those pesky rules only apply to the diddy clubs? I appreciate it wouldn't have altered the scoreline but rules are rules.
  13. A translation of Jacksgranda's last two posts; I shall freely rip the pish out of opposing teams, but if anybody dares retaliate in kind about my team, I shall throw the toys out of the pram. No arguments from me that Hearts, Rangers* and Celtic weren't good enough this week in Europe, but the bottom line is that Aberdeen weren't even good enough to be bad in Europe this season.
  14. Nice of you to apologise for your rib-cracking Noah quip. Don't worry; although It was bad, it wasn't that bad.
  15. Funnily enough, if you add in Aberdeen and Hibs' stats for this season in Europe, there's no improvement on those figures.
  16. I agree with all of that. The problem is that once the morons at the top who administer our game have successfully eradicated a long-standing problem, such as kicking or throwing the ball away upon the award of a free kick, they immediately allow it to creep back in and become an annoyance again! What was the f***ing point of ridding the game of one of its most irritating flaws only to willingly go back to square one?
  17. Hearts 1-0 Rangers* (2012) Aberdeen 3-1 Kilmarnock Celtic 4-0 Motherwell Dundee Utd 2-0 St Johnstone Ross County 1-2 Hibernian St Mirren 2-0 Livingston
  18. I can see both sides of the Porteous debate. On the one hand, he is a decent player who is comfortable on the ball and he deserves every credit for his superb performance on his international debut last night. He fully justified Steve Clarke's faith in him and, along with Jack Hendry and Aaron Hickey, was a major factor in why Scotland gained the point we were after. None of that alters the fact that he is prone to the odd brainfart from time to time. It really is pointless denying this, since there's plenty of evidence available to support it, however unpalatable that might be to Hibs fans. Hopefully, he'll mature and cut those incidents out of his game, but until he does, the jury's still out. It doesn't detract from the fact the young man can be extremely proud of himself for last night and can hopefully kick on from that springboard.
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63026101
  20. I'd never previously been at the O2 Academy, nor seen Marillion live. I thought Hogarth's vocals were superb, not to mention his increasingly alcohol-fuelled banter. Excellent gig spoiled very slightly, as you say, by the narrow and painful seating.
  21. https://www.marillion.com/news/newsitem.htm?id=524 Marillion gig now rescheduled for the following night, Tuesday 20th Sept, at the O2 Academy, Glasgow.
  22. Wonder if HailHailHayley thinks her team could've bagged all three points if only they'd tried a bit harder tonight.
  23. Gutted to miss this too. There are a few dates between the end of the UK part of the tour (30th Sept) and the start of the continental Europe leg (16th Oct) that the Royal Concert Hall is available, but I guess the logistics mean it's probably not as straightforward as that, unfortunately.
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