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  1. Hearts 1-0 Rangers* (2012) Aberdeen 3-1 Kilmarnock Celtic 4-0 Motherwell Dundee Utd 2-0 St Johnstone Ross County 1-2 Hibernian St Mirren 2-0 Livingston
  2. I can see both sides of the Porteous debate. On the one hand, he is a decent player who is comfortable on the ball and he deserves every credit for his superb performance on his international debut last night. He fully justified Steve Clarke's faith in him and, along with Jack Hendry and Aaron Hickey, was a major factor in why Scotland gained the point we were after. None of that alters the fact that he is prone to the odd brainfart from time to time. It really is pointless denying this, since there's plenty of evidence available to support it, however unpalatable that might be to Hibs fans. Hopefully, he'll mature and cut those incidents out of his game, but until he does, the jury's still out. It doesn't detract from the fact the young man can be extremely proud of himself for last night and can hopefully kick on from that springboard.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63026101
  4. I'd never previously been at the O2 Academy, nor seen Marillion live. I thought Hogarth's vocals were superb, not to mention his increasingly alcohol-fuelled banter. Excellent gig spoiled very slightly, as you say, by the narrow and painful seating.
  5. https://www.marillion.com/news/newsitem.htm?id=524 Marillion gig now rescheduled for the following night, Tuesday 20th Sept, at the O2 Academy, Glasgow.
  6. Wonder if HailHailHayley thinks her team could've bagged all three points if only they'd tried a bit harder tonight.
  7. Gutted to miss this too. There are a few dates between the end of the UK part of the tour (30th Sept) and the start of the continental Europe leg (16th Oct) that the Royal Concert Hall is available, but I guess the logistics mean it's probably not as straightforward as that, unfortunately.
  8. Would it be out of order to suggest that the SFA/SPFL, often maligned for their lack of foresight and planning, should opt for a two minute silence/boo-athon to cover King Charles' inevitable future death in a sort of buy one get one free deal, so we don't have to go through this whole palaver again?
  9. There are some pretty strong and polarised opinions on this thread, considering how straightforward things really ought to be. If you want to mark the passing of the Queen in a respectful manner, feel free to do so. That's your prerogative. If her death moves you to tears, fill your boots handkerchief. Have as many minutes of contemplative silence as you need. If, on the other hand, you are neither under nor overwhelmed, feel equally free to respectfully give everything a wide berth as best you can. Unfortunately, the nanny state won't afford you the choice to navigate this route easily, because it wants to dictate how you should react to the death of its monarch and has sought to make wide-ranging restrictions accordingly. You have complete freedom of choice - to do as you're told, when you're told. Misery is demanded, so you will be miserable, like it or not.
  10. My humble apologies. If you could just point me in the direction of either of the threads, 'Celtic Fans Display Moronic Behaviour,' or, 'Clown Job Avoids Awkward Questions,' I'll be on my way.
  11. Perhaps you should be asking similar questions of the hordes of Celtic supporters who fire imaginary guns at opposition fans, regardless of whether the Celtic fans may consider themselves to be mimicking freedom fighters or terrorists.
  12. If only Gio and his troops had listened to the likes of HailHailHailey, they'd have easily countered the massive financial imbalance through better organisation, having a robust business plan and trying a lot harder.
  13. Which one specific factor do you think got them to the pinnacle of European football and allowed them to stay there? a) Money b) Dosh c) Funds d) Capital e) Finances f) Wonga g) Twying weally weally weally especially hard
  14. The Celtic fans on various threads seem to be all over the place when it comes to the importance of money in determining success. On the one hand they claim that astute managers, wise purchases, good tactics, but most of all, really, really, really trying hard is all that's required for the lesser clubs to raise their game and challenge the big two. On the other hand, they claim that the now defunct original Rangers gained an advantage during a decade-long EBT-fuelled period of success by fielding players they couldn't have afforded without cheating financially. Make your feckin minds up! Also, supporters of the big two seem to be dismissive of the relevance of the massive financial disparity between themselves and the lesser clubs, while themselves aspiring to sit at the top table and participating in a European Super League type set up, but not having the financial clout to compete with Europe's elite clubs. They are entirely unaware that they'd struggle to merit a place in the tenth tier of such a set up, far less the elite pinnacle.
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