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  1. Still massive bookiies favourites.. What can possibly go wrong
  2. doesn't matter a flying feck unless we get a decent result ramorr
  3. One for Paul Reid..... I'd like to see Albert Henderson's name mentioned somewhere. Also a massive sponsorship opportunity
  4. You are a truly bizzare character - is this praise, sarcasm or a boot in the plums.....
  5. I can only guess we're going for maximum flexibility at this stage. Also to future proof for when we're up there mixing it with the big guns
  6. If you're pretty sad..... you can go onto Angus Council planning and look at plans and supporting docs for the new layout. New turnstiles are well techy....opto-coupled !! Still think we need a way of people rocking up last minute with cash however, although having to queue twice will be annoying.
  7. Funnily enough I'd take the draw as well. Killie 1/6 to win the league - can't throw it away now, right ?
  8. I'm not honestly sure why we'd be happy with 2nd when we've still got a real chance of winning the title outright. As others have said 2nd place wouldn't be disastrous for us -what about yourselves ??
  9. Tumble weed.....sccchhhh Nothing to be heard but Killie ass holes flapping in the wind.
  10. I see the two of them as as a serious threat either scoring or setting up chances
  11. I'm no getting this out of favour thing. Him behind Scotty Stewart is as good as we've got. The two of them bombing forward is terrifying (exclamation mark) Attack / defence they're as good as anything in the league Scotty then ends up as pretty much attacking as an old style right winger
  12. What an incredible honour, to Pat Henderson and the Club !! Sadly that was just beyond my time. 68 - 69, Williamson Bruce Cargill Stirling Jack Sellars Cant is the earliest I can do. Love seeing stuff like this. Proud to be a Lichtie.
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