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  1. Has he gone yet...... Remember driving back after a match towards the start of the season and he gave a fairly lengthy interview on Radio Scotland - it wasn't a great listen. All about process and methodology....like a project manager gone off the rails !! You could do a lot worse than Ranks.
  2. I've been thinking Charlie Adam for a while......just didn't want to mention it first His old man did a job for us. No reason Charlie jnr couldn't have a great season here.
  3. See Livi are bringing in a few more interesting players.....
  4. Look forward to catching up next season......hopefully Saintees can join us
  5. Michael Stewart giving it large was poor ☹
  6. Thought the first one was for sure, arm went round and impeded Hamilton totally. Second yellow for Duffy......?
  7. Saintees, Dees & Lichtees in the same league if you pleeeez
  8. "Raging" .... surely that was after throwing away a 3 goal lead at Airdrie ??
  9. zipp it yah wee loser p***k - feck off back to your 3rd tier dross
  10. Been on to buy tickets twice tonight. Transaction number has gone up 250 in 4 hours I bought 3 tickets in total, so by my rough calculation that's approx 100 per hour being sold. I wouldn't be leaving it too late !!
  11. I've never heard you accuse anyone of being touchy before.... You're still a boring kent.
  12. Cmon fowks, let's pack oot the Stadium o' Licht !
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