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  1. Dick's language doesn't really need translating...
  2. Totally agree. Great to see Nouble and Doris again - get them signed !! Select team managed by Stewart Petrie and Shereenigho......
  3. 100% brilliant attitude. Loved watching the interaction with him and his old man at QP match
  4. Pleased to see McKenna walking about quite freely & comfortably at the end of the match. Hope the subby was just precautionary.
  5. Very true....going forward however, I have some concerns, I may have mentioned this previously
  6. If today's match proved anything to me, it's Corfe ain't a striker Shanks ain't a Championship level striker Hilly is a good technical footballer, but not a striker Bobby is a great winger, who should get loads more game time, but he clearly isn't a striker McKenna great player, links the play, knows where the goals are, but IMO isn't an out and out striker Isiaka, honestly don't know yet
  7. Anyone think we maybe need a striker.......
  8. 100%.... live or die by our decisions. I'd give it a couple of games Need a couple of results and at least 1 good striker
  9. Certain ignorant wind up merchants on here should just be totally ignored....
  10. Where exactly are you hearing this from ?
  11. It was a season long loan unfortunately. No reason it can't be shortened or terminated if it's not working out for both parties however.
  12. Don't.....was he really ? As welcome as it was to get yesterday's win, it just papers over the cracks that we still need a good goal scorer. (He wasn't in the Hartlepool squad yesterday)
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