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  1. Awful performance Awful weather Just a bad night at the office, but we still managed a point! Cowden were the much better side.
  2. Big game on Friday night under the lights at Ainslie Park. Always a funny fixture this one, you never know what you are going to get. Two clubs, in my opinion, that have always been 50/50. Seeing Marc Laird in a Stirling top will be pretty soul destroying. Hope there's a decent crowd in and we nick a win like we did at Stranraer at the weekend. How many will Stirling bring through? I know a few were disgruntled at having to travel to us on a Friday night but I hope they do bring the majority of their travelling support to the capital.
  3. Daylight robbery from us yesterday. Tremendous. Brian Schwake is the best goalkeeper we have ever had at the club since I started following City. Monumental performance. Only thing that irked me about the game was that Naysmith did not clap the fans as he went off the pitch, other than that, Stranraer was a great away day, friendly locals and a superb steak pie.
  4. Can't believe we've got that ref tomorrow. She seems to hate us. Anyway, full bus tomorrow and an away day near Ireland. Magic
  5. Not sure I'm allowed to do this on here but my ebook Good Citizen Bad Citizen: My rollercoaster journey with Edinburgh City FC is available to purchase at the special offer price of £2.99 via the link below on Google Play books. It can be read on any device, however if you are an Apple customer please use Amazon as its on there also albeit a couple of quid more. Enjoy, please review after if you have been kind enough to purchase (and be nice haha) https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Ash_Wilson_GOOD_CITIZEN_BAD_CITIZEN_My_rollercoast?id=c2EtEAAAQBAJ
  6. STRANRAER BUS UPDATE A few extra seats on the bus are now available for the trip to Stranraer on Saturday 11/9. Prices: Adults £25 Concessions £20 Under 16s £15 DM me if you would like to book a seat. It's the easiest way to get there and 1/2 the price of the train!!
  7. Tickets and match details were advertised on Monday on Twitter and Facebook. I suspect they will probably be advertised again tonight and tomorrow.. Score prediction: 3-1 to us . (Robbo x2, Shanley)
  8. £13/14 is pretty much the norm in the league now. Stranraer are the most expensive in the league. They charge £15 walk-up and £235 for a season ticket. I'll take my hat off to any of you that travel to us on Friday night. That's some commitment and journey!
  9. Another game, another defeat. We actually showed green shoots of being an actual team today but we just can't find the net. Its so frustrating! As Ally said, Elgin really is a must win, and I'm not being funny, but surely Naysmith has to go if we lose that. With the return to Meadowbank and the buzz that will create, we just can not end back up in non-league. Many will say I am being a bit OTT, but this league is so competitive. As usual, I'll be there next week for my sins.
  10. Further to my last post. To be able to have a seat on any bus you must join the supporters club first. It is free of charge and only your email and a couple of other minor details will be required. You can find them on @clubcitizens on twitter and send them a DM.
  11. Small bus is full however I am now gathering names for a bigger bus which actually works out cheaper. And you are more than welcome. Just get in contact via DM on here FB or Twitter.
  12. No takers for a seat on the bus to Stranraer then haha?
  13. Possibility of a bus to Stranraer on September 11th depending on price and how many people are interested. DM me if you would like a seat if we get a bus going. Season ticket holders and supporters club members + those that have travelled before will have priority for spaces!
  14. Tell ya what, that was a brutal watch earlier. There were spells where I thought we had the better play, but to me, only Schwake, Bronsky, Jinky, McIntyre and Ouzy gave a hoot about winning that game. When the chips were down, our manager was sat down slumped in his chair in the dugout. Speaking to other City fans that were stood on the grass bank, they said the difference in what was coming out of the dugouts verbally was staggering. On one hand you had a gaffer that was constantly shouting instructions and tactics to his team, and on the other you had one that had just given up, guess which one was ours? Hardly anyone will get points at Kelty this season, so the manager has a free pass for Saturday I suppose , but there are a lot of people losing patience. If you tear a team to shreds, at least have a decent recruitment process to make up for the losses. We were missing two strikers earlier, but Hearts Colts were there for the taking and we couldn't even score against them. I'm really starting to worry again.
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