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  1. Thought CSS were very good in the first hour. Simply quicker and stronger than the Colts. Their forward line was very impressive, but they also did a great job at packing the midfield and stopping Rangers B from playing through them. The Colts could only build through Fraser and Devine in the full back position, and while they did okay at progressing the ball, once it moved into the final third there weren't very many options for them. Rangers B brought on Lindsay and Lowry for the last half-hour and looked much better. Lowry's pass for the goal was sublime, and they had a decent shout for a penalty. CSS definitely worth the win, but games like that will be a good education for young players.
  2. Civil Service Strollers 1 up on Rangers B at half time. They've had the best 2 or 3 chances of the game, but Rangers B have dominated the ball. Interesting game. Adam Devine at RB for Rangers has looked good.
  3. Great result for the Rangers Colts today. That is a strong East Stirlingshire team, but some of their attacking play was absolutely fantastic. Can only be good for Scottish football that the cream of our countries young players have risen to the top of the Lowland League. Would imagine it's only a matter of time until Celtic Colts join them there. The Bhoys were scintillating today at times against East Kilbride FC, who were fortunate to get the late equaliser.
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