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  1. A mates friends with his son been told 4 broken ribs and an operation to remove a finger.
  2. Women make great football pundits.
  3. Sounds like her age is ok then, never been so hopefully its not too scary, Plus if I'm paying for a ticket for her she will be going in no matter how bad it is.
  4. Hoping to take the kids to Edinburgh dungeons in the school hols the youngest one is 7 so just wondering is she old enough to get in?
  5. Some might say the greatest movie slap of all time..
  6. Some good slaps but you can't beat a good 3 face slap..
  7. Slapping the host then getting an Oscar 20 minutes later is fkn class.
  8. If you go by the rumours you'll have Kinnoull, Luncarty and Jeanfield Swifts all joining for the new season. If it did happen which i agree is a slim chance both kinnoull and luncarty would be in the top half no problem and Jeanfield would win the M/L with ease. Only doubt putting them off would be the league would have to split, so would be be season 2 before they get a chance of the H/L.
  9. If you get dragged along with you wife/gf then its ok otherwise the theatre is for fannies.
  10. Bet nobody seen this coming.. Live updates: Barrington Patterson - known to all as One Eyed Baz - dies of heart attack The charity campaigner's wife, Tracey, broke the tragic news on Twitter at around 8.20am today, Tuesday, March 22 SHARE
  11. Nail bar. If you looking for a name there's one in Perth called Nail Diamond just copy that.
  12. Trying to give the new series a chance but episode after episode has been an absolute bore, think I've nodded off twice already at tonight latest installment.
  13. Of course they will, You only have to look at lochee harp and the mess they are in after they all up'd and left. Dundee Mercenaries fc at there best.
  14. Getting told "old school" followed by a chuckle every time i use chip and pin.
  15. Its been 10 days are they still in the lift.
  16. Be better trying a dating site.
  17. That £150 rebate for help with energy bills for people in bands A,B and C I'm in band D do the government think everybody in band D is rolling in money.
  18. wtf is this list, is it a list of nonces or what.
  19. It's a free jolly to Europe for them that's all they care about, most will just drop their weapons head to another borders and f**k off.
  20. Lets hope that isn't the last time she’s seen alive.
  21. The Russian Negotiation Team has Stated that there has been Significant Developments in talks between the Ukrainian and Russian Governments and that they expect a Ceasefire to be signed by the two Countries in the next 2-3 Days. mobile.twitter
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