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  1. Yeah same player he's gone for a new look just not sure which pic is his new look..
  2. I'm no gods gift but Barker would be better spending his cash on a face transplant.
  3. Don't think any qualified barber would do a hatchet job like that so i would say yes he does cut his own hair.
  4. A quick check of the security camera should confirm it..🕵
  5. Walk of shame... Hopefully CD gets a hold of this and plays it to the players on a loop before the dundee game then they come out the tunnel like fkn gladiators ready to ram it right up those fans with a stunning 3 nil win..
  6. Laughing stock of Scottish football. CD get to f**k.
  7. I see the bookies have Callum Davidson ahead of Boris in who gets punted first.
  8. Back in my day if we had let a goal in by somebody called Cornelius we would be laughed out of town!!
  9. That's a couple of away wins in a row for Letham also a clean sheet today. Did notice they had a signing blitz a few weeks back so clearly they have made a difference.
  10. Anybody know what's happening down Newburgh way just been told all there players have left.
  11. Letham have a few good players but too many have struggled with the step up from amateurs So I can safely say you will have enough for Letham. B.O.D on the other hand..
  12. Letham 2 Downfield 3 Not much has changed since I last took in a Letham game the Letham defence is still as bad.
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