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  1. Think they must have the comment you made about them pinned to the dressing room door. Motivation!!
  2. Letham 7 Coupar Angus 0 Great team performance from Letham today, not going to say anything about Coupar Angus they just got beat from the better team on the day.
  3. Been told the Coupar Lads still haven't come out of the changing rooms!! Never seen that result coming well played scone thistle.
  4. Was at the game last night and Letham could have hit them for 7 or 8. So goodness knows what the top clubs scores will be against them, Fair play to them tho for going down the younger player route as it must be hard when you have Jeanfield, Luncarty, Letham and Kinnoull all competing for the best players in such a small area.
  5. Sorry don't no any sites but can give you a wee update on 2 of you picks.. Coupar Angus getting beat 3 nil and Letham winning 3 one.
  6. Experience Striker looking for new club.. Dickie Borthwick 1,600 games played with over 400 goals. Not sure if he'll live long enough to see out a 2 year contract but surely worth a gamble.
  7. If the Dundee lot at Cupar Angus stay think they are cert for a top 5 finish.
  8. Not renewing as well, im done with Davidson. Going to get a season ticket for Letham JFC.
  9. No hanging about with that signing!! Anyway good luck Shaun Rooney. 2 days after the last game of the season and I'm feeling depressed already.
  10. So we now have Craig Cleland and MacLean all first team coaches assisting Davidson. Totally OTT never mind the waste of wages.
  11. Even if we do win on Monday Davidson still has to go. Fucking halfwit.
  12. A mates friends with his son been told 4 broken ribs and an operation to remove a finger.
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