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  1. Listen to the Saturday show infrequently so doesn’t have a huge impact on me, but that’s a shocking choice. Constantly tries to stir the pot, and can be quite aggressive at times. Hopefully means his days of bullying Darryl Broadfoot and spurring on Tom English on the Sunday/Monday show are over though.
  2. This is it for me. Some of the reaction on twitter and Facebook has been completely OTT.
  3. Moved into midfield when Obileye came on so would suggest it might’ve been him - but don’t hold me to it! Gutter. Hope all is well
  4. My eyesight is honking so it’s hard to see from the back of the stand but I think you’re correct. An absolute giant
  5. Interested to see what happens with Gilmour this season also. 24 in February and might not have even played 50 senior games - could be wrong. Final year of his contract too, so last chance saloon?
  6. Beat me to it. Don’t expect the guys to be brought in to be replacements for Ambrose and the likes, just that ‘dads army’ comments are slightly unfair
  7. In fairness, in January we signed John Mahon (22), Theo Bair (22), Tony Gallacher (soon to be 23) and made MacPherson (23) permanent. We’ve also lost a bunch of experienced players this summer. Understand the point being made but experience had to be added to the group one way or another
  8. I suspect half an hour might be too generous… The lineup tweet might do it
  9. Have to say I’m quite excited as well, so much so that I’m considering heading to Civil Service on Friday night as well
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