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  1. Bit of a ‘moments’ player, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dundee United, Livi and Hearts last season - all big goals. Don't get me wrong, I’d rather Max was playing but I do think some of the stick Crawford gets - there are some in the East Stand that just flat out refuse to acknowledge he’s done any good - can be too much at times.
  2. Hamilton are not a very good football team. Zak Rudden’s made a difference. It’s cold.
  3. Presumably when Montgomery goes back to Celtic in January he’ll become second choice to James Brown. Goosed again when Callum Booth’s back. Hopefully Mahon heads on loan in January.
  4. Agree in that in wouldn't work. As good as they are, I don’t think either player have it in them to play any further forward than wing-back. Don’t see the point in us trying something like that when we don’t need to - we have a system we know works that can facilitate them both. In regards that Denmark game, I seem to remember the majority of the starting 11 being left footed, which just seemed weird to begin with. First half in particular was a shambles.
  5. Beat me to it. Thought he was excellent at McDiarmid, quite interested to watch him tomorrow night
  6. Genuinely buzzing for Spoony, not least because I got Qatar in the sweepstake, so I actually have a team to support now.
  7. Can’t remember the last time I watched a good game of football where Nick Walsh was the referee. That fucker must be allergic to playing advantage. Stops the game for every small little foul and it drives me absolutely crazy.
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