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  1. According to Google, Herve Renard earns £950k (tax free) in Saudi Arabia. And that's not counting unexpected rolls royce based bonuses. Steve Clarke earns £500k (£270k take home). And maybe some free Irn Bru? They both have unspecified performance bonuses, but it's a good shout that Renards are much bigger. So the only way he will ever be managing Scotland if his career takes a pretty drastic downwards turn, or we get a super rich idiot to fund him like Ireland did with Trappatoni.
  2. Does anyone remember Foden having a good game for England? He was absolutely dreadful in the euros, excacerbated by the ill conceived Gazza imitated haircut. He's no saviour. France look excellent and swept past Croatia in the last world cup. Some extraordinary misfortune, and a crazy spell, denied that at the euros but squad wise (even with injuries) they are unparalleled. Couldn't even be bothered selecting Laporte, who would be England's best centre back by a distance. I'd go a step further. They are international footballs biggest underachievers, by a fucking enormous distance. Correct, and eventually they will. The FA is possibly the richest association in the world, their assistant manager probably earns more than most head coaches in this world cup (as would their u21 manager). Eventually they won't be so dreadful, but I can't see it in this tournament. If anything, it looks like they are regressing, under a negative (and very limited) coach.
  3. Imagine being dense enough to think Japan is a smaller footballing nation than Scotland. They have 25x the population that we have. Overall, player wise we are clearly better than Canada or Saudi Arabia (who are in much easier qualifying sections), and probably on a par with Japan. They probably have better depth (because they have 25x our population) but our best players are better than their best players. They don't have anyone comparable to Robertson, for example. No doubt they are a better team than us though, and are usually far greater than the sum of their parts.
  4. Must have missed De Zerbi saying that (or indeed any manager saying that). You got any quotes? The only quotes I've seen is him praising Gilmour, and of course he started him for the recent league cup tie. Both those scenarios look unlikely, most likely is that he ends up a good mid table EPL player (or other top 5 leagues). He's almost built for international football though, only injury or severe loss of form will stop him getting to 50 caps.
  5. Anyone care to mention 20 year old (or younger) central midfielders with a higher % or starting games or minutes than Gilmour last season (or in the last few seasons)? One springs to my mind, let's see what others can find. He could easily start every week at a lower league (remember the dreadful predictions on this thread that he would go to Rangers or the championship?) Far better to continue at the highest level, even if it means less starts in the short term. There could be a psychological study done on the sheer desperation some supposed Scotland fans have for him to fail. Why? How could it possibly benefit you? Do you just hate seeing other Scottish people succeed? I know cultural cringe and self loathing is a big problem in Scottish culture but I never thought it was as bad as we have seen on this thread.
  6. Some students in places like New York have realised they get paid $100k plus as barmen and no longer bother with their major. It anachronistic, patronising and leads to inefficient allocation of resources. I much prefer the Japanese model of strictly no tips, to the bizarre American model. I'm with Mr Pink from Reservoir dogs.
  7. Well of course it isn't. But do you think the building practices, hsse standards etc. are better in Bangladesh than they are in Qatar? It's a shit fact about the world that most people have nothing, 80% of the world have never been on an airplane before. Those choosing to go to Qatar (and elsewhere, and it's usually a choice) are doing so because they think it's better than what they are at home. Should they be exploited and have their passports taken? Absolutely not. Would their life be better if they had to stay in their home country? I haven't seen any make a convincing argument on this, it would almost certainly be worse for them and their families. Also theres evidence that sweatshops help the economic development of a country and their manufacturing base (e.g. in Vietnam), does that mean that sweatshops should be death traps? No, of course not, but there's always more layers to the debate than the easy answers in western discourse. Sweatshops are (usually) better than subsistence farming.
  8. Gilmour made 24 appearances for Norwich in the Premier league (21 starts) and this was from a possible number of 33 (ineligible for the two Chelsea matches and injured for three others). Starting 64% of premier League games as a 20 year old central midfielder doesn't sound terrible. Not like Lex to get something wrong on this thread, maybe he's trusting the sun as a source.
  9. Only if you were equally calling for a boycott of the 2012 olympics (or the same contempt currently being shown to Qatar), which I recall nobody doing, certainly none of the rage filled 'pundits'. Indeed, virtually every country has a reason to despise Britain, the supervillains of the last 200 years. I have lived in several countries with even more repressive policies towards homosexuality than Qatar, and yet there is always quite an obvious, barely veiled gay culture. The law is more for show than action (and this applies to many similar laws), I am not doubting that people are persecuted under these crimes, but equally there will be gay people of influence (in government, police etc) in Qatar who don't do much to hide their sexuality. Migrant workers are treated as bad, if not worse, in many other parts of the world and will typically recieve better treatment than they would in their home country (hence why they leave). There is absolutely no justification for hoarding their passports, or many of the other indignities they have to suffer. That should, and likely will, improve. I would not have awarded the world cup to Qatar, but I am absolutely not convinced they are far worse than previous hosts. There is more to dislike (even in 2018) about Russia's brutal regime where prisoners are routinely tortured, Brazil where extra judicial police killings are the norm in many large cities, or corruption ridden South Africa. They are all bad, Qatar (in my view) is not much worse than all previous hosts yet they are getting far more scrutiny than any of the others. Maybe it's the microscope world we live in, with a fair dose of anti Muslim sentiment thrown in.
  10. The British people protesting the human rights conditions of migrant workers in Qatar seem oblivious that we have conducted two disastrous blood soaked invasions in that region in the last 20 years. There is undoubtedly more reason for the 2012 Olympics to be boycotted than this. And also re. Migrant workers, there is surely no possibly their lives would be better if the world cup hadn't happened, they would be subject to similar or worse conditions elsewhere. Their lot can, and absolutely should, be improved. This is the first time they have really been a news story at all so can only help.
  11. Not particularly, but it probably isn't as black and white as you think. Say Steve Clarke hated Billy Stark (they were team mates for a year at St. Mirren), do you think he would be able to call up the entire U19 squad for a senior training camp (or fixture) and force Stark to select a new squad? For players like Doak elligable for a number of squads it would be a discussion within the SFA, if Clarke wanted to select him and not play him, and the U21s had a crucial qualifier that could benefit that whole age group, it's hardly outwith the bounds of possibility that the SFA would want Doak to play in the latter. This certainly doesn't just apply to Scotland, you may think that managers have totally free reign to select whoever they want, but do you really think the England manager could drop Kane for the world cup, or the Brazilian manager drop Neymar? If they make any batshit calls they would be telt I'm sure.
  12. I imagine in this situation it would be a discussion within the SFA as to which age group is best for him for his development (and for the development of others in that age group). I would be surprised if Clarke can make such calls in a vacuum without consultation of age group managers. Might be wrong though, I don't know. Would be strange were he to call him up and not play him, rather than have him play a crucial u21 qualifier, for example. Yep, that's a perfectly fair perspective.
  13. Italy capped a 16 year old, Simone Pafundi, yesterday who only has one senior club appearance (and youth appearances only up to U17 international level). Not saying we should necessarily replicate it but capping Doak, at this stage, wouldn't be outrageous or unprecedented. Sure the SFA will make the right call either way.
  14. Turkey is a football mad nation 16x the size of Scotland, and although they have underperformed for decades, no big surprise that they can outplay us at home in a friendly. Good experience for the team against tough opponents, and an excellent goal for McGinn. Overall, a positive experience, but one that won't define us either way going forward.
  15. Saw a movie about this once. Think it was called 'the bus that couldn't slow down'.
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