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  1. Don't really agree to be honest, if anything I find it commendable. Neither need the money and professional tennis is incredibly punishing physically, they must be doing it because they enjoy it.
  2. It's similar to Scottish people following Welsh or Irish football, why on earth would they? I am not bothered in the slightest if English people don't follow Scottish football or know anything about it. What should be called out is if they are ignorant, but pretend to know what they are talking about (i.e. the standard is rubbish, it's league one standard etc) or assuming everyone is an EPL fan really. It takes a pretty sad individual to need to bring someone else down to make themselves feel better, imagine an American guy going around the world bragging about how good their military is relative to much smaller countries. Tragic.
  3. Well tbf that's two people, and only yourself after I linked the study. Some people prefer their personal anecdotal evidence, some prefer independent statistical analysis. Neither of us is going to convince each other.
  4. Ah okay, it's just anecdotal evidence Vs statistical evidence. And fair enough I don't question your lived evidence, or how passionately you hold your views, but equally I'm comfortable with the accuracy of my original statement.
  5. Yeah maybe, as I said the statistics themselves aren't perfect. They do show a dramatic decrease in treatment compared to 10 years ago (and compared to one year ago). I only linked the first article I saw on Google though. Do you have any studies showing an increase and if so over what time period? Thanks bbz x Although I am tarnishing the name of Scottish people abroad sadly.
  6. I haven't lived in the UK for years so can't comment on anecdotal examples. My view is only based on the statistics I have seen, and there are obviously reasons why statistics in this area would be incomplete (or other reasons why people are seeking less treatment). Equally, anecdotal views aren't necessarily reflective either. Do people at least agree smoking, drinking and teenage pregnancy are well down? https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/substance-misuse-treatment-for-young-people-statistics-2020-to-2021/young-peoples-substance-misuse-treatment-statistics-2020-to-2021-report Also the violent crime and murder trend is also well done over recent decades, and when you tell people this they don't believe you (and would rather believe such crimes are happening but not being reported). Quite interesting.
  7. The pilots are usually migrants themselves, not people smugglers (for the latter, why risk it?).
  8. There's plenty of evidence that drinking, smoking, teenage pregnancy and drug taking are all significantly down in the younger generation (and have been trending down for some time). Always a good fact when older people bring up the youth of today trope, the youth of today are much more sensible and less violent than pretty much any other generation still alive. There could be many reasons for this and an increase of alternative activities available seems an obvious one. I'm only in my early 30s but even 5-10 years ago in Scotland I got the feeling that anyone who wasn't drinking to excess was having a "quiet weekend", never mind that I had hiked and kayaked the entire time! I am a product of my generation though and binge drinking is something that I still do and enjoy, I'm a social drinker only though and could equally go weeks or months without drinking at all.
  9. Wow, you're not even trying any more. Good trolling attempt though, you'll get better at it with time.
  10. And when he played he had a shocker, including being one of the worst players in the international break. He's a year older than McTomiany and has 49 appearances Vs his 120 in the League. And 20 of them came in his abysmal second season playing for a team in the relegation fight. As I said utterly bizarre you think he is better, McTominay had his best ever game against Leeds going head to head against Phillips in bielsa man marking system. He ran the game and scored twice (Phillips rated the worst player on BBC and was hooked at half time). He even outplayed him in the Scotland England euros match. You can think he's better if you want to, stacks of evidence against such a view though. Do you think winks is better as well? Fabian delph?
  11. He probably would be, certainly ahead of him in Leeds' dire season last year. Phillips was one of their worst players in the last international breaker, he had a shocker and would roundly criticised. He's going to city to replace Fernandinho as a squad player, similar to Fabian delph. He's not a patch on Rodri of course (neither is McTominay). And not just Ole rated McTominay, Mourinho creates the managers player of the year award just to give it to him. Then Ragnick played him regularly. Of the many internationals to be told they can leave man utd McTominay is no where near that list and will almost certainly be a regular for them next season. The much maligned Fred beside him is a regular for Brazil. But still you think last season Phillips would be ahead of him? And the season before that Winks? Idk what you have against him, it's totally bizarre tbh. McTominays career to date is significantly more impressive than Phillips, and I think it's likely he will make more appearances than him this year.
  12. Wonder if they will continue to brass neck it out. Iirc I've only been asked for my degree cert when starting my first job then in support of some visa applications (I also lost it and had to order a new one!). But this won't necessarily be the case for most companies, and you could always chance it with the non honours certificate (who reads it anyway?) or even just go for a fake - you should have the knowledge the degree confers anyway. Still means a life of having the sack hanging over you tho, not good at all.
  13. There is absolutely no doubt that McTominay would be a regular in that England squad, and would have far more caps than the likes of Harry Winks. Utterly bizarre you don't see this. Or have three successive managers started him regularly for man Utd because he is rubbish?
  14. So what is your point exactly? You don't rate Richarlison and don't know much about the players mentioned above? Is that it? He puts research into what he posts and does so in a fairly neutral way, I don't perceive it as being a smart arse at all. There's a reason he's the resident stato.
  15. What is your actual point though? That Richarlison is rubbish and wouldn't get in previous brazil squads? But a contrary view isn't valid because that person hasn't seen the players play live? Wouldn't that also apply to you though making the original statement false by your own logic? Richarlison is decent but not brilliant, Brazil have certainly had worse forwards than him in plenty of previous squads. Fred started for them in 2014. People have rose tinted view of the past (you tend to default to the best version of that player rather than the messy inconsistent reality). Parmas amazing squad for the 90s is a common meme but most of those players peaked elsewhere.
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