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  1. I’d rather we’d signed a competent left back so hoping the master plan/bigger picture will become clearer soon. Still need another midfielder and a striker.
  2. Good opportunity to get some points on the board in the first 7 games.
  3. Boy I know says the pitch replacement has had some issues such as flooding due to burst pipes and a wall collapsed or something like that.
  4. Have the Old Firm ever played each other on the opening day?
  5. I’m conflicted, as I was with Celtic in 2003, I actually feel a bit sorry for Rangers. They were desperately unlucky and there was nothing in it. It really could’ve went either way. Kent’s chance at the end was agonising and whist Ramsey’s penalty was a disgrace, all of Frankfurt’s were virtually unsaveable.
  6. Some away support that today. Genuinely impressive.
  7. Good to see the club completely ignoring Watt the snakes goals on the goal of the season shortlist. Even although his goal v Utd was arguably the goal of the season!
  8. Incredible to think this team of utter dross could qualify for Europe.
  9. I mean, if we’d fielded that team back in August - December due to illness, we’d have thought “not ideal, but let’s get behind them”. Now however?…… Shaw and Cornelius been ill also?
  10. 1 win in 16 incoming. 3 defeats in the space of a few months to County incoming too?
  11. Somebody is going to have explain to me in what world 1 win in 15 isn’t a sackable offence. I’m past caring if it would be expensive to bin him. More expensive than giving him another transfer window? More expensive than being relegated next season?
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