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  1. He shouldn’t of had anything after Morton. It still really amazes me how the chairman came to the conclusion he was the best man. Literally the only person that thought that. Was incredible.
  2. The Ledger at Doncaster moved to the Sunday. Why can’t we move the football? Whisper it, is it because the upper class are going to a day out at the races.
  3. Brownlie, Bannigan (a know he was on loan from Partick) Cammy smith, Geggan and Declan Mcdade (Partick-Ayr-Dundee-Partick, cut short because of Covid) Just a crazy of amount of players that’s moved between the two teams obviously not all directly. Also pretty confident he approached Forrest and Mccowan. There was also a lot of talk in the summer about Adeloye god knows if there was anything it it but.
  4. As long as it’s not that Killie fan Craig Anderson. The most boring man in Scotland .
  5. Preston is the worst out them all, he thinks it’s the Allan Preston show. Cuts across someone giving an actual score update to roar about The ball nearly dropping to Stevie May.
  6. Mail me you fucking idiot, I’ll stick your jaw into orbit ya needle sharing junkie.
  7. He just didn’t share the vision at the club and we only want folk that want to be at the club, I’m fully behind the club.
  8. Who actually funds Partick Thistle? At take this Low isn’t actually putting her own money in?
  9. Think it was filmed from the hub and judging by the movement of it a think he had 10 pints before it aswell.
  10. Honestly totally forgot about this. Another big build it up to seeing him this week. Proper farce. Not the clubs fault but surely if we knew this we wouldn’t of went ahead with it.
  11. Dundee/United away supports have been rubbish at Somerset for years. Probably that league cup game last year was the most I’ve seen United bring.
  12. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if McCall has had a say in some of this. He was adamant a few times at Ayr that fan ownership isn’t the answer and wouldn’t work.
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