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  1. Is it confirmed July 22nd that it kicks off?
  2. The response to the Forster deal is to be expected, and it's understandable, as it would be with any club that took a punt on him at this moment in time - only added to by Nish being in the news for the same reasons. Anyone at the club with their finger remotely on the pulse must have been ready for the backlash that confirming the signing would bring. I'll leave it at that for now. If everything is eventually cleared with it all then I wish him all the best as I'm sure we've landed a very good player for this level. Don't want it to take anything away from Alan Horne's return either. A fantastic player coming home.
  3. Props to our bankrolling oligarch getting the first deal over the line
  4. New season around the corner. A new manager in and what looks like a lot of personnel changes to the squad to hopefully build on a solid first campaign in the fifth tier. Where do we see this season going?
  5. This is the kinda chat that comes from the club not announcing any signings.
  6. Convinced Colin Nish runs this account.
  7. Oban, Daryl Healy, Kano, Rutherford and Nicky Reid all confirmed away already. Squad will look very different next season by the sounds of it.
  8. I believe a guilty verdict is overruled in a court of law by 'ringing someone's mate (or fan) and confirming they're sound'
  9. It's a debate for another time and another place how hard it is to actually prove someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of assault in court, but announcing a signing who's pending trial for it still isn't exactly a good look is it?
  10. Letting Nish go makes sense if that's the reason why. Then bringing Forster in looks horrendous if we do, though.
  11. Albion gearing up to truly embrace the pantomime shit show of this league after less than a week in it. Fair play.
  12. 1400 ending up at Broomhill v Hearts B is a bit mad.
  13. Oban Anderson away to Musselburgh. Will do a great job there I'm sure.
  14. Signing David Goodwillie is an instantly suicidal PR move for any club that even considers it. Baffles me that any club would touch him with a barge pole as this is fairly common knowledge.
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