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  1. First three points on the board in the Lowland. Happy days.
  2. Kane O'Connor confirmed signing today and into the squad for tomorrow night.
  3. The step up in quality in terms of the opposition was evident but we were also up against one of, if not the strongest, side in the division and generally held our own well. We will get found out at this level defending crosses/set pieces like we did but lessons to learn and move on from. We will play a lot of sides this season that aren't as strong as East Kilbride. I don't see us being right up the top end just yet, personally, but I certainly don't see us struggling in this league either.
  4. Three really soft and similar goals given away from set pieces is somewhat frustrating but pleased with how we held our own today against a clearly good side. You were quicker to a lot of balls and pressed us well. I don't anticipate us to be struggling this season coming away from today. EK are probably one of the toughest tests we'll have. Onwards and upwards and all that. Best of luck for the season ahead
  5. Only 2 bookies on the High Street now, I believe. Truly is a dog-eat-dog world...
  6. I did not know that about Tranent's Wikipedia page. Deary me hahahaha
  7. East Kilbride, Open Goal and Rangers/Celtic B up at the top. Somewhere around 8th for us would be a good first season, anything above that a bonus.
  8. Craig Barr signed from Cowdenbeath confirmed the other day. Good bit of business.
  9. And people will still argue that making the route to that level more accessible for tier 6 sides with considerably bigger fanbases and far more competitive sides than a number of teams already in the LL shouldn't be the priority in all this. As I saw someone on Twitter post, if any pyramid reconstruction doesn't involve automatic promotion for every league winner then it's still broken.
  10. Think that's a solid signing for BU. He was brilliant last season.
  11. From Open Goal Podcast FC to the Colt Teams shenanigans and everything else inbetween. This league is an absolute head mash and we haven't even played in it yet. Suppose it's just a case of sit back and enjoy the ride...
  12. I haven't watched you every week of course, but closing out games or keeping clean sheets seemed to be a factor a lot in the season just gone? Could well be down to injuries or suspensions etc. As I say, I wouldn't know.
  13. Linlithgow were the best footballing side we came up against in the league this year for me. With a bit of fine tuning here and there, I'd fancy you for the title next season. Congrats today.
  14. Wayno saying he'll consider his future/whether to play on next season after Sunday's cup final. Think he still has goals in him in that league next season tbh. Hope he gives it a bash. Either way, he's proved a fantastic bit of business from us this season.
  15. I've no idea the actual attendances but there definitely seemed more at the Penicuik game than Jeanfield. Linlithgow is a more understandable dip with it being a weeknight.
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