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  1. 1 hour ago, BullyWeeLad said:

    Mark Lamont the most wasted player since Scott Ferguson, if he was to take football a lot more seriously he would go on to have a great career in the game unfortunately not the case

    Unfortunately skill will only take you so far in football.

    You also have to have the right dedication and commitment.

    Case of what could have been as he certainly was skillful enough but by all accounts just couldnt get himself fit with us and others as it now seems.

  2. As others have said it isn’t looking optimistic where we currently are

    The big issue is that those already signed dont inspire me with any confidence.

    We already have 14 signed up which means likely just another 6 (maybe 8 ) to be signed 

    Unless they are all going to be world beaters we are shaping up a squad that looks pretty poor

    Suppose the only good thing is that others in our league also seem to have gone backwards in their squad quality eg Airdrie 

    Again calls in to question the purpose of dumb and dumber in the recruitment team.   Their purpose is to identify a few hidden gems.  Now they may have in Rodden as don’t know anything him but have seen all the others play and none were anything special.  But then again that might just be an indication of where we are and the type of players we can realistically attract

    Reality is we were spoiled over the last few years with DGW up front and won’t ever have that quality of player again for the length of time we did.

    Think this will be a season to far.






  3. 2 hours ago, Bully Wee Clyde FC said:

    And I thought Ross Lyons' signing was a disappointment. Our marquee signing this year looks to be Big Thomson.  Maybees he'll job share his commercial job with being centre half?

    To be honest we could do worse (and in all honesty probably will)

    Big Thomo looks to still be in shape and could do a turn this season if needed 😂😂😂


  4. 58 minutes ago, Bully Wee Clyde FC said:

    Is it just me that finds the OS opening page with us re-signing Scott Lyon for  days now a bit dispiriting?

    Totally agree, been on every day since (sometimes more than once a day) hoping for a new post.

    The silence is deafening.

  5. 3 minutes ago, BullyWeeStonehouse said:

    Absolutely no chance the squad is going to be worse than last season. We would have to sign 7 Rob Jones’ from now for that to be the case.

    If we finish in 9th or 10th then the squad will statistically be worse than last season. 

    Lets see where we end up May next year.

    It will be a miracle if we finish anything other than 9th and 10th.  I said that last year and it was (without DGW goals we would have finished up 9th maybe 10th).

    We knew what we were getting when we signed Rob Jones.  Dumbarton fans knew he was s### and so did we after a couple of games.

  6. Cant say I am full of any optimism about the squad so far.  Doesnt fill me with any confidence.

    That's 13 players signed so far.  Lets say we go with a squad of 20.  That's just 7 players still to sign !!!!!!

    Do you really think that these next 7 to be signed are going to be all L1 level players.  I dont.

    I would expect you get your first picks that you want to make up your starting 11 first then you fill out the squad later on closer to the start of the season.  Fingers crossed we have adopted reverse of the logical strategy but I dont think we will.

    Only one player signed released by a club at L1 level or above (Jordan Allan  - and i dont remember anything about him in the games v Airdrie).

    You have to remember there is a reason a player is released.  They arent deemed good enough for the level they were playing at and we have signed a host of players released at a level below L1.

    Even if we did sign Livingstone, Splaine, Cuddihy, McAllister and Jamieson only leaves a couple of other picks for the squad.

    Difficult to believe - but this squad is building up to look even more s### than last season and that would be some achievement.

    Going to be a long hard season i predict and without a proven 20+ goalscorer this time I think luck is going to run out this year.

    We still need in my opinion

    2 center halfs

    right back

    left back

    box to box midfielder

    creative midfielder

    2 strikers who can get double figures goals (yeah i know that might be wishful thinking but even 1 who can get double figures would be good)

    Nothing against the players who have signed so far, and hopefully proved wrong, but not feeling at all optimistic. 

  7. 26 minutes ago, BullyWeeStonehouse said:

    We pretty much won the Division 2 title after signing a team of juniors in 99/00 and pumped Raith 4-0 at Starks Park in the cup. You just need to sign the right ones.

    Fortunately at the time we had a manager and a chairman who knew a player.

    I remember at the first preseason game thinking - who the f### are these diddies.  How wrong was I.

    They signed nearly half the team that made it into the broadwood X1.  

  8. 2 minutes ago, ClydeFCTheBullyWee said:

    Would like to know who are peoples top 3 realistic signings this summer ? I mean lots to choose from but the problem is with the player choosing us over another club 

    Havent a clue, many L1, L2 and lot of lowland league and junior teams are a more attractive proposition that we we have in terms of pay and what we are likely to do this year.

    Hopefully the recruitment team has been putting the hours in over the last 6-12 months and taken in as many games at lowland league level and below and come up with a few gems who are interested in taking the step up to L1 level at the expense of maybe wages.

    Wouldnt expect any Championship or L1 player who has been released to be interested in us which then leaves L2 and below players (which if they are at that level and have been released then they cant be of the standard for that level, let alone L1).

    If you look at who has been signed already doesnt exactly fill you with much optimism

    Ray Grant - released by L2 side.  I liked Grant first time round and hope DL can get same again from him.

    Connor Duthie - released by L2 side - cant remember him from Dumbarton last year he was that much of a standout.

    Steven Thicot - was a good player years ago and at 35 cant expect him to be pacy

    Kurtis Roberts - released by L2 side




  9. 3 hours ago, JIMMY CHOO said:

    I think you make some great points but the best we can hope for is not to get relegated and how  poor is that.DL has cleared out a lot of the dead wood but does he have the money to improve on the squad he had last season.I think not.I was at the Q&A and he has a relegation budget.

    Yeah we are going to struggle this year I think.  

    Overall the league is stronger with the additions of QOS, Dunfermline, Kelty and Edinburgh City

    Then you have Montrose and Airdrie who will both be strong if they retain their squad

    Also think Falkirk will be a lot better with McGlynn in charge.  

    That just leaves us, Alloa and Peterhead.  Think will between those three and Edinburgh City for the bottom 2 places.



  10. 4 hours ago, JIMMY CHOO said:

    I think you might be surprised as DL has recruited pace and released the slow players.

    Really.....what makes you think Gomis is going to be fast this year.

    Time will tell but very much doubt we will end up with an exciting, fit, fast, attacking team. (thats basically a Man City, Liverpool, Celtic type of team).  Those types of teams dont appear by luck.

  11. 2 hours ago, JIMMY CHOO said:

    We need to sign 2 big  strong centre backs who are good in the air as we shipped to many goals last season from set pieces  and we need a goal scorer  LJ coming back to the club even if that's possible  would help but he isn't a 20 goal a season striker or he would get a game at st mirren. As we barely have enough players for a 7 a side match does anyone know what's happening as the season will be here before we know it.

    Yes we all know what we need but know what you need and getting it as two entirely different things.

    Will we get get 2 big strong center backs - doubt it.

    Will we get someone who can score 20 + goals a season - almost certainly not.  I think we will struggle to have 2 players combined who will score more than 20 goals between them.

  12. 38 minutes ago, RutherGlen said:

    Lots of footballers are absolute scumbags. I'm sure the vast majority of clubs in Scotland have at least one or two players either in their squad currently or at least in the recent past who have criminal convictions and/or a sketchy past.

    Where this "footballers are role models" nonsense came from I do not know. Footballers are the last people I'd encourage children to look up to/try to emulate in terms of moral standing or strength of character. Yes, admire their ability on the park by all means but beyond that? No thanks. 


    Agree with this

    Footballers should be looked at for what they do on the park

    Like you never understood why they should be seen as role models

    As across all industries and sectors you are going to have people you would look up to and those you wouldnt



  13. 1 hour ago, Clown Job said:

    He’s not entitled to a career in football, in fact many people in his position (a rapist) wouldn’t be entitled to a career in many industries 

    The fact he hasn’t seen a day behind bars nor paid the compensation to the women he raped suggests he’s had a better life than most in his position 

    But you go ahead. You defend him. 

    Why would he be jailed - he wasn’t convicted in a criminal court.  The fact that he wasn’t put in front of a criminal court is another matter which is more to do with the justice system than anything else

    He did pay the compensation.  The woman involved didn’t see any of it as it all ended up lawyers fees.


  14. 1 hour ago, Jack Burton said:
    1 hour ago, Bullyweeno1 said:
    Why would Lennon not support this loan? 
    After all he has final say on all players coming to the club.
    There is no way he would have turned him down on a footballing viewpoint together with the comments he gave when he initially moved to RR

    He clearly doesn't have the final say if the club sponsors can dictate who and who we can't sign.

    Well I don’t think he will have been against it in footballing terms

  15. 1 hour ago, haufdaft said:

    How do you think this will play out over the next few days, weeks and months?

    Will it have an effect on our ability to bring in sponsorship?

    Does it do our reputation long term damage?

    It's it worth it for a 33 year old striker coming towards the end of his career?


    1. It will be news today, maybe tomorrow, when he plays his first game and that will be it

    2. We weren’t exactly pulling up trees bringing in sponsorship before

    3. Maybe this season but don’t think beyond that

    4. Absolutely 






  16. 4 minutes ago, bullywee2010 said:

    What do you want us to say? Those that wanted him back have commented to say they are delighted to have Goodie back. What's the point in then getting into arguments with other posters that are always going to view it differently? 

    Agree most people who are happy to have them back will either have said so or chose not say.

    Basically you can’t have an argument with someone who doesn’t say anything

    Though I am happy to raise my head above the parapet now and again to get shot at


  17. 2 minutes ago, haufdaft said:


    Finally, if Danny Lennon supported this loan signing he should resign along with all the other c***s.


    Why would Lennon not support this loan? 

    After all he has final say on all players coming to the club.

    There is no way he would have turned him down on a footballing viewpoint together with the comments he gave when he initially moved to RR


  18. 23 minutes ago, SLClyde said:

    Very noticeably the supporters of this signing have gone quiet very quickly. 

    The true reaction of the signing will be when he plays his first game rather than comments on an online forum

    Though to be fair the number of comment on here today will probably be the same as the number of fans at the first game

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