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  1. Given no update think you can take it that no others are resigning
  2. Yeah been trying for last hour and goes to end page then just kicks back to start
  3. Before you get called out it was a flat of a friend of Robertson
  4. Agree with this Footballers should be looked at for what they do on the park Like you never understood why they should be seen as role models As across all industries and sectors you are going to have people you would look up to and those you wouldnt
  5. Why would he be jailed - he wasn’t convicted in a criminal court. The fact that he wasn’t put in front of a criminal court is another matter which is more to do with the justice system than anything else He did pay the compensation. The woman involved didn’t see any of it as it all ended up lawyers fees.
  6. He clearly doesn't have the final say if the club sponsors can dictate who and who we can't sign. Well I don’t think he will have been against it in footballing terms
  7. 1. It will be news today, maybe tomorrow, when he plays his first game and that will be it 2. We weren’t exactly pulling up trees bringing in sponsorship before 3. Maybe this season but don’t think beyond that 4. Absolutely
  8. Agree most people who are happy to have them back will either have said so or chose not say. Basically you can’t have an argument with someone who doesn’t say anything Though I am happy to raise my head above the parapet now and again to get shot at
  9. Why would Lennon not support this loan? After all he has final say on all players coming to the club. There is no way he would have turned him down on a footballing viewpoint together with the comments he gave when he initially moved to RR
  10. The true reaction of the signing will be when he plays his first game rather than comments on an online forum Though to be fair the number of comment on here today will probably be the same as the number of fans at the first game
  11. Dont know the answer either but not relevant as he isnt a teacher, or doctor or working vulnerable people (well you could maybe say big Jonesy is a vulnerable footballer in that he isnt one). I guess would depend if Disclosure Scotland deemed them unsuitable and removed them from the PVG scheme.
  12. I dont hold anything against him wanting to move and have one last crack at full time football. He certainly more that deserved the chance. That plus the opportunity to increase his weekly wage by 50-75% isnt something anyone would turn down. I have employees who have left seeking pastures new only to find out that things wherent as rosy on the other side and then come back and become an even better employee.
  13. He paid the compensation to the women involved who then had to pay the lawyers their fees. I would understand that to paying the compensation he was due as ordered by the court.
  14. I would hope so. However I think you will find there is a proportion of men been in situations similar in their younger days.
  15. He was ordered to pay £100k which he did by selling his house. Unfortunately most of the £100k went in lawyers fees.
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