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  1. They said in the statement it effects people’s day to day life’s. they arnt wrong this is terrible from the board and so far away from the fans it’s truly unbelievable. if I was a current DAFC player I would be utterly embarrassed by that too. ive cancelled my lifeline as no longer putting money into that dross that is the BoD. Or be back at EEP till they get the fans back on board. scunnered at the statement
  2. It’s no looking likely he’s getting the punt is it, lifeline will be getting cancelled too. The clubs a joke just now and worst I’ve felt as a fan. I emailed the club but no response a couple off weeks ago. Don’t know if it was the right email address tho.
  3. Grants latest article on official site bumming up loan players. Why is he not talking about the young lads like Paul Allan who should be getting a chance or no talk about Rhys breen who’s not had a sniff yet
  4. The clubs not gonna put out meggels proper thoughts on the team this season let’s be honest. we’ve been shite all over the pitch for the players that we have in the squad and was the same last year too. I can’t understand why grant is still in a job. I have a season ticket but can’t go tomorrow but I think it could be a horrible atmosphere at the club and rightly so as this isn’t just now it’s been happening the past few years. There is nothing positive coming out the club just now nothing the fans can grab onto that the worrying part.
  5. More than I got back, what email address did you use by any chance.
  6. The biggest problem when Dunfermline take to the pitch is that they have made too many individual errors that have cost them dearly with the consequence of only one point taken from the first four league games. Asked if any points or win targets had been set by the board for the next few weeks, Peter replied:- “The support from within, from the chairman and from the board has been fantastic but I know as a manager you have to win games. They’re all fantastic people but if they sacked me on Saturday or they sacked me on Monday, I could never say I’ve had anything but the utmost support from them. I would have no qualms. this reads to me that he has Saturday to win or he’s away, can’t believe the board are still backing him tbh, spineless the lot off them
  7. I was thinking off doing the same thing haha. How the board think this acceptable is beyond me and the rest off us. The clubs in a right mess just now the worst I’ve seen it in 25 years bar the administration.
  8. I left the military last March before covid hit and was genuinely like a little kid again to get back to football most weekends. Got my first season ticket due to being back in fife and having the finances. that feeling has been ripped clean out of me with the appointment of Crawford then Grant. ive been to the relegation games and the lows and the highs of cup finals and Europe but this is the worst I’ve felt as a pars fan in the 25+ years of being a fan. ive nothing against the board and what they have done for the club and where we are now in terms of a club and structure but the football side the past few seasons has been mind boggling. For a club that says they are community driven and appreciate the fans they certainly don’t listen to the fans in regards to what they want. I have my season ticket for this year and will buy again next year and so forth whilst continuing to pay into the life line as believe it’s right thing to do. I doubt I’ll be at much games if this is what’s being offered up by someone who is not wanted. I find it hard Dunfermline fans who act on the board accept this and the ex players who are close to the club do too.
  9. ive tried the website on desktop and mobile dosent seem to be working saying network error
  10. I was hoping after his interview being a bit positive that they were done and be announced today. Give fans more to smile about after a good result at wkend
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