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  1. Going to the Armidillo tonight to watch my eldest son perform.
  2. Ach bugger. When I saw this thread I hoped it was News of his painful death! Instead it's just more attention seeking bunny hugging pish from a p***k who's made a career out of sounding like an angle grinder being used to cut corrugated iron. I've absolutely no idea why anyone would be at his concerts for anyone to notice there was no meat on sale anyway
  3. You coming to Wishaw.....it could do with sorting out....
  4. A 12 hour nightshift is no harder than a 12 hour dayshift though - in either environment - and Id rather be on my four on four off pattern than work 5x8s.
  5. ....they are getting paid more than you and you are upset about it huh?
  6. Aye me. I love it. It's a great contrast to my home life, but it also compliments it beautifully. iPlayer and Kenco are my friends.
  7. So now the dust has settled and the SNP settle into their new jobs in office I wonder how long it will take before alcohol prices rise significantly as Salmond thanks his drunken voters for their majority.
  8. I'm quite pleased that John Pentland managed to win the election in Motherwell - especially since the majority was only 587. I'd like to think that me highlighting the work of the SNP in damaging football in Erskine on a local football website with 2500 unique local users and 1.5m annual page views had some effect in securing that result for a man who has definitely been a friend of sport in the region.
  9. I'm bored with the TV coverage. There's f**k all happening. It's like tuning into General Election results programme at 3pm on the day of polling.
  10. Obviously that's a description of the people with their money, cause it's certainly not one of the women...
  11. FFS It's hardly historic. Trust the fucking Nats to get over excited over a parish council. It's obvious the Lib Dems support has collapsed completely but the Conservatives support appears to be holding up extremely well.
  12. Thanks Gordon.... Turns out we did have a sheet that used the single transferable voting system but that was for the local council election which was held on the same day
  13. I've just voted and the place was absolutely dead. I spoke to the two girls giving out the ballot papers and they said it had been quiet since 8am. I must be getting old though but last time I remember filling out these horrifically large sheets of paper were we not supposed to put a 1, 2, 3 etc rather than an x?
  14. No, but given the candidates being put up in my area voting Labour in the constituency vote and voting Conservative for the Regional List seems the only palitable option.
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