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  1. Alright guys, I'm looking to take my first trip to Fir Park on Thursday. Usually do a little writing about each club too (right down to the bottom of the pyramid in the old juniors) so currently doing as much reading as I can on Motherwell. Couple questions; The best place to sit for a combination of view/atmosphere? Somewhere quick for scran before the game? Any good photo opportunities around the ground (Murals, statues, old infrastructure etc)? Best of luck!
  2. I took a trip to Huntershill to watch two games. Rossvale Academy 1-4 St Roch's Rossvale had the better of the early chances and led 1-0 in the first half. St Roch's showed their class in the end and there could've been more goals for both sides if they were a wee bit sharper. The Academy were better than I expected them to be. They'll do well this season. West Park United 0-2 Glenafton Athletic Another of Division 4's new boys were beaten by Premier League opposition but played very well themselves and they'll be happy with that. Again, both had chances that could've/should've been converted but like Rossvale, I'd predict West Park to do well if they battle like they did today. Got to see Northern Ireland international Paul Paton play too, he kept things simple but had a good game. Division 4 is looking tasty!
  3. Ha, this is exactly my feelings! I was hoping for midweek fixtures purely for selfish reasons but there's a few midweek cards for August in Division 3. That'll do for starters. I do hope they keep the Friday night slot where possible for big games as the higher crowd numbers showed there's an appetite for it and they turned out to be real showpiece occasions for the WOSFL
  4. Have seen them a few times last season. Providing there's no massive changes in squads I reckon they'll be up there for sure.
  5. A great decision, you'll love it. I've found that some clubs I expected to have a brilliant time at were 'alright' whilst some I didn't hold out hope for blew me away. I haven't done too many in the west but Pollok, Benburb, Maryhill and Kilwinning Rangers were all brilliant places to visit from my experience. My advice would be to pick and choose your games and see as much of the west as possible. If you're looking for big games that will definitely feature next season; Auchinleck Talbot v Cumnock Arthurlie v Pollok Darvel v Hurlford Just to name a couple. Best of luck, maybe we'll end up at a few of the same games next season.
  6. Cheers for the feedback! My only thinking behind a bigger league in the SPFL was to push through 3 relegation spots rather than the 0.5 we have now. There was no way that'd work with a 10 team league. is it likely to happen? Definitely not. In the current setup (assuming we had a 3rd league at tier 5) I wonder if they'd agree to having 1 down automatically and one in the play off with the 3 champions. A round robin where the top 2 are promoted? I'm not sure, just thinking out loud.
  7. That's a great point for starters I'll get that changed. I know there's a gap between some of the midland/south in proportion to similar level teams in the east/west but I felt like I had to give them their place considering where they currently stand.
  8. League reconstruction has been done to death but whilst Scottish football adjusts to a lower league pyramid there are still the usual bickers and debates. I've devised one just for fun. I planned to maybe recreate it on football manager but the more I looked at it, from MY view it looks like it makes perfect sense and could be realistic rather than a fantasy league. I made a wee presentation on it here. The main points are amalgamating League 1 & 2 in the SPFL, a third league at tier 5 and a national non league cup to replace the Junior Cup. I'm after feedback. I don't expect it'll ever happen but in my view it's the best proposal I've seen so far (bias eh?). Feel free to tell me it's mental, anything else is a bonus! Would you like to see it? Would you like to see some of it? Is it fair on the club you support? Let me know. https://my.visme.co/view/q689xj8e-6ep5dwp1we172dz3
  9. Quite the mix! Scandinavia would be some experience. For personal reasons I'd like to get down to Basingstoke & South Shields but I'll need the dates to be kind. How many to complete the EPL?
  10. Hope you guys don't mind a pretty personal post. I've spent the season groundhopping through all levels of our football pyramid. I've visited 50 clubs and covered every single division and I thought I'd share my 'best of' https://groundhopscot.wordpress.com/2022/06/06/21-22-end-of-season-review/ If you're not interested that's cool. If you can give it a read that'd also be great. If anyone has done similar - even just a few grounds it'd be great to hear what your favourites are and how your experiences went. In scotland we love to beat each other up but there's a lot to be cherished and I feel like I've captured that this season. I picked a club of the season, team of the season, best food, best ground, best game and best atmosphere along with a best 11 based on the one or two games I saw the guys play. What did you get up to this season?
  11. Congratulations Auchinleck Talbot. I found this to be a good day out. I'll admit I didn't hold much hope for Yoker but they matched Talbot for the best part of the game. I thought the Yoker offside decision in the first half was a shocking decision. I was in line with the linesman and I'm positive he was on and the game might've panned out differently. Talbot won with two good goals and they deserved it. A record 14 cup wins must surely be respected. 100 games I've done this season now, 96 in Scotland. If that's the last one what a season it's been
  12. I'm going to head along. I'm happy whoever wins but since you need to pick an end to sit in think I'll be with the Yoker fans. Can't see beyond Talbot but they've won the cup so often. For Yoker, not since 1933. Wouldn't it be great to see Yoker beat the odds (again) and lift the cup? I do feel the Junior cup in its current format is on borrowed time but I believe there's plans in place for a 'non league cup' to eventually be implemented. There are still stories to be written before that...
  13. https://groundhopscot.wordpress.com/2022/05/15/lowland-league-cup-final-21-22/ East Kilbride 4-2 Bo'ness United (Ainslie Park) EK the cup final winners and each of their goals fantastic. Bo'ness are a good side and shouldn't be too disheartened by the way they played - they simply ran into a better side on the day. Give the report a wee read!
  14. Fair play, this is an outstanding reply
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