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  1. Putting aside any legal or moral questions, I think the issue is likely to be that it would be easy to slightly overstate usage, but wouldn't make a significant difference to the bill. If you get to the point where you are giving a reading so much higher it is making a big difference to the bill, it's going to stand out and could be picked up.
  2. Yeah sadly Kunt himself isn't on stage, but from the content you cam tell its all him.
  3. What is "a smoker" ? It's a term my bro in law has used. Now assume he likes oiled up stripper wrestling.
  4. Its a long narrow room. I stupidly boxed myself in to a corner, if you were on the end of a row you could get out to the bar quite easily to be fair. Didn't see many folk going for drinks but with it being a midnight start most folk were probably already pissed. There were quite a few walk outs when I was there.
  5. Saw this the other week, its something else. Does go on a wee bit long so grab 2 or 3 jars on the way in.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/66188945100/posts/pfbid0bNX5DicKPWfc2RSScpY3vSegBSxff72jNVgT8jPdHvBEAzVBd8vsWXQHcuBopZqRl/?app=fbl The replies to this post are something else
  7. Good point ! Flea and his naked playing came to mind having recently watched the Woodstock 99 docu. Was big Jim Morrison another that liked to let his cock out the doors on stage, so to speak ? In no way accusing the pipers of this... altho the kilts would allow speedy exposure.
  8. Concerned he might not get it out in future. Will buy a RHCP ticket instead !
  9. I'd quite like one to be honest. With Bulb though and they weren't in a rush to install them , even pre admin/collapse. It strikes me as a good thing that you can work out yourself whats costing loads and whats barely making a difference to the bill.
  10. The article mentions audience and staff complaints. You could be right but he has seemed to shun publicity in the past.
  11. Does scream that someone has gone there to be offended
  12. I'm not a member but my understanding was, members pre match, anyone at full time.
  13. Bit of porn in it would have definitely calmed any tension about the plot !
  14. Heard the term "rehydrating data" in reference to correcting info in credit searches, at work the other day.
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