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  1. This is almost certainly going to be a shite underwhelming signing
  2. Does the loan window end 31/01 or end of Feb?
  3. I just googled, didn't realise he was that young tbh. Assumed early 20s
  4. I forget Malcom even exists. I genuinely can't remember even watching him, when did he last feature for us? Is he just shite or is he injured?
  5. Think Morrison technically is alright, just has absolutely no footballing brain. Decision making is baffling at times
  6. Thought everyone was immense today except Mackie, don't want to be negative but he looked off the pace. Always thought Alegria has been great for us except not scoring, glad he got his goal today. Brilliant for the first one as well. Feeling positive for the first time in years which is slightly worrying... COYB
  7. Dundee tickets available yet? Can't see anything on the site and might have missed on twitter
  8. I thought Nesbitt was average today. Miles better than last week but doesn't say much.
  9. Played much better compared to last week. Morrison and Williamson easily the best players on the park, just need to see it on a consistent basis... Nesbitt/Hetherington looked better, but still passengers compared to the rest. Alegria gets a rough time on here, but I find everything but his finishing ability and being in the right place quite good. Hard to tell if this will continue as Peterhead looked utter shite. Hopefully not down to the opposition and more down to us improving
  10. Is there a limit to how many domestic loans we can have?
  11. Think my favourite shirt is the 05/06 shirt. All of our tops from the 05-10 SPL "era" were great
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