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  1. I didn’t correlate coaching credentials with the old firm, you did that. I don’t entirely disagree with you that Maloney has had a good grounding as a coach (the same grounding as Thierry Henry no less). But he’s also the only of the three similarly profiled examples you gave that had zero management experience and the only one you suggested should’ve got more time. And the only one that played for Celtic. But you seem like a fairly unblinkered and unbiased individual so that was maybe unfair of me to make that connection.
  2. Paraphrasing slightly here, but in summary; Glass - young aspiring Scottish coach, with some managerial experience, who should not have been given the chance he got Maloney - young aspiring Scottish coach, with no managerial experience, who should have been given more than the 4 months 2 weeks that he got Ross - young-ish aspiring Scottish coach, with quite a bit of managerial experience, who seemingly was responsible for his team getting battered off everyone as opposed to there being anything wrong with the squad mentality/hierarchy, etc, and should not have been given the chance he got Remind me, which team did Maloney spend most of his playing career at?
  3. Interesting that Cornelius, Maguire, SOD and Mugabi all played 90’, but Aarons and McKinstry just 45’. 2 + 2 = the latter may be more likely to feature at the weekend?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61342349 Wouldn’t be the worst idea imo.
  5. I’m not convinced he’s signed and we’ve all worked ourselves into a frenzy for nothing.
  6. Beyond trying harder and signing better (more expensive) players etc, how do we improve the bottom?
  7. Was having a similar discussion to this with a Celtic supporting friend of mine the other day, who said that the gulf between Motherwell and Sligo was about the same as Celtic and Aberdeen/Hearts. Nonsense and whataboutery of course, but it reminded me of this article from a few years back. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/42141794.amp The report hasn’t been published for the last few seasons, assuming due to Covid, but interesting that between 2017 and 2019 Celtic’s average salary jumped up £160k and Rangers’ by £320k. The combined average salary of the other 10 clubs in 2019 is still less than that of Celtic. In relative terms the gulf between Celtic and Qatari-funded PSG is half the size of the gulf between Celtic and Motherwell. http://globalsportssalaries.com/GSSS 2019.pdf Not meaning to break ‘big club pays more in wages’ scandal, but the sheer gulf in resources is clear to see. Just highlights the importance of everyone needing to try harder and be run better I suppose.
  8. I’m out of the UL for the ICT and Utd games. Is it possible to legally stream these from abroad these days?
  9. No, more to do with raising/relaying the pitch over the summer I think.
  10. I’ve said on a few occasions about how their kunty behaviour cancels out the good work they do bringing noise/colour to games. We’ve all been young and rebellious at one point or another but f**k me what a bunch of roasters we had in attendance yesterday. Some of these boys need a reality check. Did they force their way into the front of the stand yesterday? From where I was sitting central to the goals it actually looked like the stewards were letting them in but wouldn’t be surprised if they had no choice.
  11. I feel sorry for Morris tbf. He’s immediately been brandished as shite, which may well be true but he’s being judged on an incredibly small sample size. Give him a few games before jumping on his back fs, we’re hardly going to get a tune from him if he’s getting heckled after a half dozen games (two of which were against Sligo, which should be discounted on the basis that everyone was murder in those games).
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