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  1. Thanks for clarifying, I knew I hadn’t made it up entirely but must’ve just built MS/community into something more than it was in my head.
  2. I often see Cornelius credited to Hibs’ academy but am sure he was actually with us first, went to Hibs for a year or two before returning to us. Bit of a moot point really but would like it if someone could corroborate so I know if I’m talking pish or not.
  3. Not sure if this point has been made by someone else previously, but I thought it interesting that both signings made so far this season have been established senior SPFL players whereas last year we signed players from more or less everywhere but there (Scandinavia, EPL academies, lower league punts, etc). I wonder if that is just by coincidence or design.
  4. It’d probably be quite beneficial to us from a player development perspective, but I’d be quite opposed to a B team in the LL on a matter of principle. I’d be much happier to see us commit half a dozen loans to league 1/2 each season where players could still train with us throughout the week but still get competitive, meaningful football.
  5. Lamie and Mugabi were two players that very few fans would've wanted near the starting lineup when Alexander came in, but he seems to have turned them into pretty competent defenders. Love him or hate him as a manager he was obviously a half decent defender as a player, I don't think it would be beyond comprehension that he helps Sol and Ojala find another level this season. I'm not expecting it, but it'd be nice.
  6. Turnbull & Campbell in the same Scotland side, lovely stuff.
  7. If Nicky Devlin, a run of the mill mid-to-lower end SPFL defender, is the ‘one that got away’ then I think we’ve a pretty decent record at judging youth players’ potential. All the best Darragh, nothing but good luck to you.
  8. It’s not quite the same though, because you’re more or less on the same number of points as the third best team has finished on over recent seasons. Aye you could’ve won more, but you’ve probably won what you’d expect to win. Like I said it’s all ifs buts and maybes but the point I was trying to make (probably not very well) was that despite winning just 2 league games this year and dropping umpteen points that we wouldn’t necessarily be expecting to drop over the course of the season (you’d never pick them all up, but you’d be hoping for more than we’ve got) we’re still in with an outside shot at Europe. A big frustration of mine (and of many others in our support) is how we’ve not been able to capitalise on everyone else around us being pish, and if we’d been performing to our potential a bit more this season we’d be much better off. Wasn’t suggesting we should be third, didn’t mean to come across all “if my auntie had balls” etc, just trying to express frustration at constantly shooting ourselves in the foot.
  9. Hearts are currently 18 points ahead of us. We've dropped 10 points this season to Dundee and St Johnstone alone. The defeat in Dingwall to 10 men should never have happened, there's 13 points. Add in to the mix ONE other victory this season, and tomorrow night's game turns into a shootout for third position. All ifs, buts and maybes and highly speculative, but if we had even been semi-competent since Christmas then we would be on the beaach by now. As you say, not Hearts' fault that everyone has been guff this season but just underlines how weird this season has been that we are still somehow in European contention and also how frustrating it has been to not captialise on everyone else's guffness.
  10. Just read that Seattle Sounders won the Concacaf Champions League last night, becoming the first MLS side to ever do so. Andy Rose has been assistant manager there since retiring. Just a bit of very loosely Motherwell-related good news to brighten your day,
  11. Agree to disagree on that one. To me it looks like every flat-pack stadium that's been built in the last 15 or so years, which in my opinion is honking. I know it's difficult to build 'character' into a new stadium from day 1, but there's certainly ways of adding a bit of character beyond seats in the corner. Have you seen visuals/plans beyond this one elsewhere (too lazy to search myself). Agree fully on this point. American sports, love them or hate them, certainly know how to make a day of it with the match itself only a part of the experience. Is there really any need for the F1 track-cum-cark park surrounding the stadium? I can't help but feel that land could have been better utilised in ways that would attract fans and keep them there, especially since it isn't going to be as easily accessible as Dens currently is.
  12. This last minute change has also fucked me off, as I play on a Saturday morning and now won’t make it through for kickoff, possibly at all. This doesn’t just apply to now, but I don’t think any kick off time that makes people choose between playing football and watching football is in the best interests of the Scottish game. Nor do I think the Old Firm progressing in European competitions is, but that’s a different matter.
  13. Steelworks is only a five minute walk from the stadium and again should be fine for food if you're booking a table in advance. I may be wrong but think they only enforce the 'home fans only' policy against the Old Firm so should be fairly relaxed with you going in.
  14. I think there's different degrees to which there could be a rift. I don't think it's anywhere near the fall out with Gallagher last season. But as a regular punter that knows enough to know that Slattery is a good player, my 2 + 2 = there must be something else there. Having said that, I take on all the other points about steady development, covid, training and recovery, etc. Also the fact that not everyone is champing at the bit to leave and first team players are re-signing, things can't be all bad. Just something still feels off though.
  15. I've assumed for a good while now that the only reason Slattery wasn't getting a game was due to some sort of personal issue between him and Alexander, but beyond that nothing concrete really. I suppose the whole point of having a social media team is to be able to tailor the public narrative to how you'd like it, but the stuff that the club puts out doesn't immediately suggest that everyone is hating their time here.
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