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  1. Guessing it’s the tall lad that’s been training with Thicot on match days ?
  2. Welcome to day 85 without a Steven Thicot work permit
  3. Agree with this. Unless we get rid of the CIC model and find some serious investors from somewhere who can shove a good amount of money into the club and allow us to go back full time, we’ll be lucky to stay above league 2 over the next few years
  4. Yesterday really doesn’t mean anything tbh but when will Danny start to give JBH some trust and start him over Parry ? Really hope JBH is the number 1. For the league this year
  5. So since we can’t play trialists in this diddy cup, surely we’ll be making some defensive signings today or tomorrow !?
  6. That’s the thing we surely do have some of that money sitting there but like in Danny’s record article, maybe that’s being put on standby as we wait for more experienced and higher calibre players who are still waiting to make a decision on their future. Still just under a month until the league starts n I’m sure by then and after these glorified friendlies we’ll have a much more established league 1 team.
  7. Over a month now since our last signing… Whoever comes in next better be worth the wait but got a feeling that’s not gna be the case
  8. Since JBH is under contract with us surely livi will need to pay us a fee if they want to sign him ?
  9. Fingers crossed we’ll see some After tonight’s game in the next few days, anyone know of any of the trialists we have or if they’re any good ?
  10. Cuddihy starting at right back for Hamilton today against Newmains
  11. Pretty depressing team tbh, about 15 career goals in total in that squad. Danny better be getting his pen warmed up asap
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