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  1. Hussain is a CB. Was highly rated at Motherwell until change of manager. Can fill in at LB.
  2. Two abysmal performances over the two days. The side he put out yesterday was doomed to fail. Very difficult for the two trialist defenders to play in that system with no protection whatsoever from a midfield that was completely overrun for most of the game. Cannot see what Ritchie brings. Very little up front but were feeding on absolute scraps. 17 yesterday was Ally Taylor (ex Killie) I believe.
  3. Solid and decent. Very good in the air. Brechin's defence improved massively after the break. It was the lack of options available to the defenders and lack of protection afforded them in a number of games that cost them.
  4. That's very unfair and doesn't reflect Yusuf's contribution. That is a very good signing for Forfar!
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