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  1. yeah this game , pivotal IMO as to our future Clyde have shown a tenacity to get a result against odds (not that we are favourites ) . will we have Mohammed (Highland games heavy events regular ) niang for this game ? most likely not , Cue Neil Parry making wonderful saves , The Alloa fans shouting abuse at BF And Clyde winning by the odd goal , but in an alternate universe we are winning 2-1 in that alternate world i would go with Taggs Graham Durnan Church Robertson Scougall Cawley Trouten Boyd Sammon the fishiest lineup we can muster I do not think their is any chance of getting Scales on loan from Celtic
  2. Surely the club will put up a staunch defence of Sena for this Witchhunt so called disciplinary review ? getting sick of it all .. how dare we stand up to the old firm though , who do we think we are ! wee diddy team take your medicine blah blah blah . they can stick thier 2 horse race of a so called premier league right up thier wastepipe . its as predictable as to bore the T*ts off you . Edit After checking the rules and reviewing sena's tackle i have changed my mind on my assumption that it should have been a red just to clear that up
  3. i don't know why you would want to defend something that you have no control over whatsoever it is not like Clyde fans are responsible for what goes on on the pitch or in the boardroom is it , Same at all other clubs As an Alloa fan a case in point the appointment of BF and the stooshie from saturdays cup tie (hammer throwing contest apparently according to sellick fans ) . I am sure 100% of you would wish what goodwillie did didn,t happen at all , but then where would he be playing now ? don't feel like you have to defend yourselves , let the board do that . Going on to saturdays game , you guys seem to never know when to give up ,absorb lots of pressure and still get a result quite a good trait , will be a difficult game .Clyde now seem capaple of holding thier own against anybody in this league now .
  4. No, i saw the header pic on the twitter page . i am no ref , the opinion of some then was that he should have gone probably the same pundits who thought sena should go mind you . Its Sena not Senna i am sure .
  5. I forgot about the Gordon / Spence challenge Different rules for the big teams it seems , a perfect example of this .
  6. East fife do help our cause unfortunately for them i saw your responses to your twitter , full meltdown ensuing , you certainly stirred a wasps nest there i'll get my coat ...
  7. on another forum i was called out as a rangers supporter W>A>S>P ( white anglo saxon protestant BTW if one does not know) because it was in my username , its the way they think unfortunately .
  8. Get you now , no one is hung up here though, "The no one likes us we don't care " though on the other hand is for other team/teams to boast about .
  9. The team are getting absolute pelters on Clyde 1 tonight , hammer throwers , primitive football , Crossed the line of physical and violent play , no wonder we are 8th ect so much for "liquid football" we were known for being a team who played neat football , not any more , 5 sending offs certainly feeds the detractors all they need , Apart from the Sena tackle i didnt see much else that was over the top . Sena deserved to go off though . So is this all down to the tactics of the management ? we didn,t win many friends after saturday that is for sure , a lot of that due to who we are managed by to a fair extent ? .
  10. Clyde 1 Alloa Athletic 3 Dumbarton 1 Cove Rangers 3 East Fife 1 Peterhead 1 Montrose 1 Falkirk 2 Queen's Park 2 Airdrieonians 2
  11. Celtic caught ball watching for our goal, good ball in from robertson though like BFTD i think that the scoreline would have been different pity we lost henderson before tonight . The fans getting on celtic's back 2nd half was pleasing .
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