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  1. Daryll Meggat Alloa's no 3 in that game , now at ...... Darvel .
  2. I See the Gazebo er .. Roof ? /Canvas ? /paper mache / is off I presume it is being replaced or are bigger plans affoot ?
  3. Tough place to go for us we got the EC monkey off our back let's see if we can dispatch this one as well .
  4. His midfield work is really good , whether he can play at a higher i dont know, but he is enjoying his football here
  5. Oh the Irony Goodwin signded kirkpatrick when Alloa manager.
  6. Curious ! , can you tell me why hetherington is has not played yet ? PS Donnelly back from injury scores again
  7. we had a hand in not letting you play ,that never seems to be taken in to account when assessing a game by a lot of fans , as has been said though Falkirk did the necesssary where we failed .
  8. We can see the difference from last season , Mc Glynn is doing well enough given the circumstances he was dealt .
  9. We were just not as clinical as Falkirk in the end , that said some fingertip save from PJ at the end too but decent enough display and as has been said beginning to look worth our 4th place last few games with a small gap in quality from 1st and second .
  10. I don't think Keiran offord was given a chance, maybe he wanted to go ? Hopefully Rice has his eye on another loan bet he goes out elsewhere .
  11. Will be at the game , how much is the book ? . looking forward to it .
  12. Found this little nugget about our enigmatic man from Dublin
  13. And Scott taggart as per usual a standout on the park .
  14. First half as good as we have been all season . Fully expected EC to come out and go for it as they did As said before we coped better in defence and were much more resolute than we have been in the past few games deserved the win by the odd goal Edinburgh are not sitting second for nothing and it was a good win for us, keep up the first half display ongoing and we just might achieve something before season end . the drum and the peircing rain were both painfull .
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