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  1. This could genuinely be relegation material.
  2. Is all you do go onto to other teams forums and talk about Chris Mochrie?
  3. I’m comparing him with the last two English strikers we signed and also comparing him to one of the last decent strikes we signed from England.
  4. Let’s hope he’s a lyle Taylor and not a Samuel Ompreon or Akeel Francis
  5. If the rumours are to be believed and it’s Adam Rooney then fair enough to John and Paul. Won’t believe it until it has happened tho.
  6. Let’s hope Mcglynn can pull a decent striker out the bag then. Quite disappointed we’ve not got Jamieson in, would be really disappointed if we weren’t at least in for him.
  7. Positives from today then, Firstly it’s a 1-0 victory that gets us the three points and makes sure we top the top the group. I also thought McKay, Mcginn, hethrington and Yeats were excellent. Thought Mackie, Donaldson and Oliver were also really good. Oliver clearly not a lone striker but works hard and holds the ball up well. Think with a partner or potentially playing in the number 10 role he could be a semi effective player for us. However, the keeper really really worries me. Not had a save to make yet you still come away feeling like he is an absolute bomb scare. Does not command his box and isn’t confident when it comes to in game decision making. Williamson also really poor today. It’s also clear we do not have enough going forward. But hopefully with Kennedy and Algeria coming in alongside a couple of new signings we might have enough. Difficult to give an opinion on our new number 9 today but thought he had a couple of involvements and will at least give defenders some issues .
  8. Would take Chris Mochrie in a heartbeat.
  9. Seen a lot of people mention the extra money we will get from progressing in the cup and how that should get giving to Mcglynn. Even though I would love for Mcglynn to be given the extra funds aren’t we all forgetting the statements put out by the board at the start of the season staying that we need to raise an extra £200,000-£300,000 this year. Surely the money from the ‘cup run’ will be used to offset our deficit.
  10. Yes Jamieson or Kyle Connell for me. Would also like to see Declan glass, Chris Mochrie, Dylan Tait or even Logan chalmers on loan to give us some creativity and goals in the midfield.
  11. You can actually see Liam Henderson pull his hamstring on the highlights - 1:32.
  12. Anyone know if there is any truth to the Juan Algeria loan signing?
  13. Ah fair enough then. Hopefully get a tune out of him and McGuffie but still desperately need another box to box scoring midfielder and a striker.
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