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  1. No the striker. On loan at Hartlepool. Scored 8 in 16 games for Arbroath I believe.
  2. How much do you reckon we'll get for CM7 at the end of the season then? 150k plus add ons? Or maybe in the region of 50-100k? I have accepted if we get a decent offer in for him and the player wants to go he will go. Hopefully we could maybe bank some of the money and buy Jack Hamilton from Livi. Granted we would have to be in the championship. Also really hopes Kennedy stays. He's had his best season with us still only 20
  3. Kinnear rowe Donaldson McKay Mcann McGinn Maximmilion Morrison Nesbitt Kennedy Burrell Mcginn to play 60 mins then Hendo on for the last 30. Those changes don’t weaken the team at all and give some players a wee bit of rest for the Dunfermline game. No wholesale changes but as Mcglynn has spoke about in recent weeks lots of depth in the team time to use it! Could even put Mackie at left back and give Mcann a rest as he’s played about every minute this season. But I’m in agreement don’t f**k about with the team too much.
  4. He is never dropping Nesbitt... unfortunately. I think Nesbitt is a good player but what frustrates me, and I think most others is Mcglynn's refusal to bench him. I believe that the only two players Mcglynn has not dropped all season ( apart from the Wick game) is Nesbitt and Mcginn. Mcginn is our captain and is a fairly consistent performer. Whereas, Nesbitt who has undoubtedly been one of our better players has not warranted this inability Mcglynn has to drop him for a game. When you think that guys like Morrison, Mcann and Donaldson who have been dropped at various points of the season, it is quite shocking that Nesbitt hasn't found himself on the bench at some point. I like Nesbitt but his shooting/finishing is so so poor. Consistently drives his shots wide or over the bar. For the amount of game time and chances he's had he should definitely have more goals.
  5. A big massive f**k off no to Kyle Lafferty.
  6. who we all voting for as the player of the month then. Personally, I'll be voting for CM7. But Kennedy, Nesbitt and Rowe could all very well be in a for a shout.
  7. Archie done his hamstring. Hopefully not a bad tear but probs a few weeks out which is really disappointing.
  8. My only worry with CB pairing of McKay and Donaldson is that did we not concede 4 against Airdrie with them at the back and also 3 against Clyde? Not the best record. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. I think there is definitely potential there. However, most fans on here will tell you he downed tools pretty quickly last year ( but then so did everyone). Paton and Kabia could perform quite a lethal partnership tbh. Much better through the middle than out wide imo. I would say overall a solid enough signing for qos.
  10. Not exactly a like for like if he is the replacement. So you never know maybe another player coming in
  11. Dundee Utd fans saying he can play as a number 8 or 10 but he’s stronger than an 8. Some don’t seem to think he can play out wide that well. Certainly gives us options and a bit of depth which I like.
  12. Mcglynn saying Archie can play out wide. Gotta expect Kai to be away then. But two really good additions today.
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