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  1. Thoughts on the game, thought we played shocking first half, we never really played the ball down the middle it was always down the wings when it never worked until about 5 minutes to go , would have be good if we snuck it right at the end, a draw was lucky but a points a point. Shinnie is no striker , Omeonga unreal again
  2. just hope we don't play Kelly again, that ross count winger had him on the ropes the full game , he may have got one assist but he was getting skinned the full game
  3. ye Mullin is a full season, maybe if we sign lawless could be a 6 month with a extension don't see the point in signing another winger all ready got Kabia Forrest and montano, someone must be leaving if we sign another central midfielder all ready got loads no point in another unless someone leaves on loan
  4. Any one know who the Lazio defender is and about lawless I wouldn’t take him back he’s getting on plus we have josh Mullin coming back and Anderson could play on the wing if we recall nouble Livingston running the rule over Norwich City youngster and former Lazio defender as David Martindale looks towards winter transfer window - Daily Record a
  5. really dont know why he changed the shape again.... Was the first one another mistake from Stryjek never saw it that good.
  6. Livingston to 'explore' loan exit for striker Gavin Reilly - Daily Record Reilly going out on loan i recon he will go Hamilton as they are in need of a striker Was hoping we would bring a new CB in but with Ayo playing in that position it doesn't look like we will
  7. wonder is we will sign the boy that got released from Arsenal
  8. I've got to say that's the worst I've seen livi play in a long time, too much passing it back and not forward and if the ball was getting played up top it was just a big punt up the park, the goal was scored from one good ball from the wing in the box then that was about it, there was no creative spark in the team, thought Penrice was shocking and we deffo need someone better than Parkes, felt bad for Anderson as he was stranded up top with no one to help him that's what happens with you play 2 players out of position.
  9. Could be Williamson hopefully not really don't see why we need another midfielder unless someone goes Rangers youngster Williamson agrees to join Livingston - Sources (footballinsider247.com)
  10. anyone know who this guy is??? was on Marvin Bartley's twitter? Hope we announce at least one centre half as i think obileye might play there this season
  11. i hope it is him and we sign him he's young and has a good pedigree, he's similar to Fitzwater in the fact we signed him from a decent club and he's young, imo id rather see us sign a few more young players' and give some of are youngsters like Jaze Kabia and Jack Hamilton game time because that's the only way they/ we are going to get any better, Its better than signing some 28/29 diddys every season hoping they will be good when we should trust the youth I little bit more.
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