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  1. Yeah .. all true .. thats the thing with the "goals win games, defences win tournaments" thing .. when it fails it makes you look a right unimaginative c**t. when it works its garlands all round. He got credit for sticking to his gameplan .. but now it blew up .. ???
  2. ffs .. trust me, only moonhowlers are talking about Scotland tonight. Why would England care about how well the Scotland team is doing more than, say, Celtic care about how Falkirk are doing. Yeah, they are close by but .. ffs.. get real ..
  3. Harry Kane didn't have a touch in the Italian box all night. Not one. That's mental. Probably a discussion for another day .. but Southgate played Kane so deep it was strange .. all the "experts" saying he was out of form but not seeing he was the top of the diamond/midfield/whatever .. he only ever got into the box when he fed a player wide and continued his run into the box .. where he scored four times. Otherwise he was just in the midfield mix and wasted.
  4. OK, Im sorry .. if this was a night you will "remember it for years" the, well, maybe get a girlfriend? You really are setting the bar very low as to lifelong memories. But, fair play, pump yourself up ..
  5. No, the Dutch are really nice in my experience. Ive known quite a few and, yeah, very nice. Maybe the odd arsehole who hates Germany/France/the moon .. but hed be out the loop. Every country has its arseholes tbf to them though.
  6. Is this the greatest result in Scottish football history? Tartan Army giving their slaps of achievement across the land. They were probably superb .. i dunno, need some lounge cam TV to confirm.
  7. Not sure tbh. The Dutch I know are really nice guys .. no sense of seethe and hate about them anyway. I think they care more about their own team too than any others.
  8. Seems they are picking up 2nd place medals. One point, one goal. Tartan Army dancing in the street. Laughter.
  9. The Tartan Army .. the perennial window peepers .. watching everyone else have the action Get a team will you .. then we can play
  10. well, you never left tbh .. like the country everyone forgot about this tourney. Were Scotland there even? One point, one goal .. and thats the best Scottish performance for like 25 years. Better luck in the next World Cup Finals .. oh, no .. wait .. See you in 2096!!
  11. Tartan army dancing in their bedsits tonight! well done Steve and the boys .. One goal, one point .. Scotland is back !!!!!
  12. Unlike Scotland who just shat their bed immediately .. err, yeah, embarrassing stuff for England to lose on penalties .. in the final When they could be cheering on five other countries instead ..
  13. What a night to be Scottish! Fantastic achievement by Steve and the boys. And the Tartan Army!! The way they cheered on five other countries in their bedsits until one won is the stuff of legends. And onto the World Cup .. err .. well, err .. maybe look after your TVs .. youll need them .. as usual to watch England .. yet again.
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