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  1. I can’t recall such a comfy win. Two concerns though:- 1. We should have hammered them 2. Thomson’s injury The yellow cards for the fouls on Thomson and O’Reilly were just embarrassing and highlighted how bad Cowden were. Miles off the pace. Hopefully this is the kick start we need.
  2. Crichton also said he shouldn’t have played at Stranraer. Something anyone who saw his performance would agree with. Anyone apart from Stephen Swift.
  3. Where do you begin with that? Predictably we lose a goal before 5 mins have passed - an unlucky deflection but one our midget keeper was never going to save. And then nothing happened for 40 minutes. We were awful. Brutal. Declan Hughes and Ross Forbes in particular. What is going through Swift’s mind when he sticks Hughes, just an awful player, in as the creative midfielder, and sticks Forbes, a left footer who looks like he towing a truck, out on the right wing. And then there’s Orr. Some sympathy in that he was completely isolated looking at high balls coming his way, but it really isn’t happening for him. It says a lot that we were virtually camped in the Forfar half of the pitch for the entire 2nd half without ever actually looking like scoring. And then between the 90th and 95th minute we could have scored three, but only got one. So while a draw was good given the 90 minutes it still felt like more dropped points. There was no urgency in the team until Thomson and Brown arrived. We finished the game with players that gave us energy and urgency. Hughes I never want to see in the team again. Forbes if he isn’t playing in the middle, then get him out of the team. Second week Euan O’Reilly has been superb. Get him some support eg Thomson and Brown, and who knows.
  4. Forbes has been the biggest disappointment. As a marquee signing he has been anonymous in every single game he has played.
  5. Although confidence in Swift is waning each and every week, the Stranraer game aside (I didn't see the Annan game) we have been as good as, if not better, than every team we have played with the obvious exception of Kelty. Although even then, you do wonder if we had played a goalkeeper that game, things might have turned out differently. The obvious problem is that unless results improve then whether you think we are as good as anyone else in the league, it doesn't matter. Once that realisation hits, then I think that is the time to take action. While there is still hope, and I think that there is, we should give Swift a bit more time. We are still within touching distance of the 4 teams above us so a couple of wins would ease everyone's stress levels. As for the team selection, I haven't given up on Crichton and I wasn't sold on Tapping at the weekend. He lost his man easily at the first goal, but to be fair it was his first match for a few weeks. Strikers? Is Orr better as a lone striker? He looked more threatening on Saturday than he has before, I thought. It is a quandry, but if we can get a couple of good results confidence will improve...but time is ticking.
  6. Listened to them describe Dundee and thought it sounded like a team I know. Huge improvement on last week at Stranraer but it seems that every week we are coming up with new ways to lose.
  7. Unless the young guy from Killie is available at left back??
  8. He seems to be making a lot of mistakes. Marshall, why did he sign him in the first place? It shouldn’t have taken “that goal” for him to see what everyone else could. Craig Reid? At least he managed to get rid of him quickly enough. Bringing Crichton in yesterday was fine, but why then shift Corbett out. And then to leave Crichton on the park at the expense of Corbett beggared belief. Was Crichton fit to play? Ross Forbes at right mid? Eh? What is he doing with Adam Brown? Looks decent playing off the striker and then starts playing him out wide where he is anonymous. And a team featuring Coll, Anderson and Tierney will get us relegated. He talks about a big squad but let’s be honest, a lot of them are jersey fillers who are actually getting a game in the starting line up. We started the season well enough but weren’t getting the results we deserved. Now he seems to have hit the panic button and doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. By all accounts we were lucky at Annan and we were lucky yesterday it wasn’t more. That performance, particularly in the first half was as bad as anything I’ve seen. Many more like that and unbelievably we will be back in the new manager market.
  9. I think Jon Craig had covid or was isolating - he was one of the names that Swift mentioned after the game on Saturday. I am surprised he isn't first choice left back; or at least given a chance to stake a claim in the team.
  10. Reid looked past it anytime he has played. Wonder if anyone else will follow...
  11. It is too early to hit the panic button, but I'm also not sure when it isn't. I am sure Brechin City thought that their first win was just around the corner. Problem is that we don't have a crystal ball so we can only go with what we have seen on the pitch. As things stand, based on what I have seen, we are not the worst team in the league so you have got to imagine that at some point things will turn. In my opinion, the only league game we clearly deserved to lose was on Saturday. Every other game we have either been the better team (Albion Rovers, Cowden) or at least matched the opposition (Stirling and Edinburgh). But it is results that count, so we need to start winning. Simple as that.
  12. Sorry but even putting the 3rd goal to one side, the issue with Marshall is that he never saves anything. So maybe in isolation you might not expect him to save that goal (although his attempt was laughable) it isn’t the first goal he has lost when you’ve said he might have done better. Keepers make saves and sometimes good ones. Even the goal last week against Cowden a good goalie might have saved it. And so on. And then you come to the 3rd goal yesterday. Effectively the goal that killed the game off.
  13. Wasn't just the 3rd goal which was bad enough but Cardle's shot for the 2nd was like a pass back. Why was he standing in the middle of his goals with that huge gap to his left? Unbelievable. The whole ground - players and fans - were just so deflated when they scored the third. I think we had fallen out of things a little after a decent first half but at 2-1 we were still in it. When you think about Forbes free kick, his shot off the bar and Thomsons disallowed goal, we made a real fist of it, bit the keeper let us down badly. He can't play again.
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