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  1. Every time you have a tongue and cheek comment you end up winning burnie lol. I seem to remember at the start of the season making a tongue and cheek comment about being top alphabetically and then were top after game 1 because you pumped Jeanfield lol
  2. A bit late but I'm pretty sure people wouldn't be claiming they are unsafe company.
  3. Right so I had an accident at work that was morrisons supermarkets ( a previous employer) fault. Does that mean if I had a pay out( ,which I didn't go for because I'm not an ambulance chaser) as I would have won tbat in a civil case their building would have been unsafe so are therefore an unsafe employer or unsafe to allow people into their shops.
  4. I'm sorry I must have missed where he has a criminal conviction for rape
  5. Well how can u ban goodwillie for being a rapist but not other people. Is rape the worst crime of all. Are murderers allowed in? It's the first you heard that because if it's what you only look to see it's all you find. If all the info you had was on here you would say public support is that goodwillie should never leave the house again but when you actually look at other outlets their isn't support for goodwillie but an acceptance of enough is enough
  6. How can it be misogynist. That's the observation of what some of the posts on Facebook.
  7. I think the point is that means noone accused of rape should be allowed in at all to any North Lanarkshire facility. It is ridiculous. What I find odd is yes on here it's massive vigilante campaign on here. On Facebook the ladies team were heavily criticised and what surprised me it's by women. It was a women I saw on Facebook who said they won't be happy until goodwillies in a box. Enough is enough for me.
  8. Think the next round of south challenge Cup is 2nd april
  9. Lowland Leagues had a few sponsors in its time. Im sure it was the Scottish Sun at first, Ferrari packagine, Geosonic and now Clark epos
  10. Camelon Juniors haved added Midfielder Callum Sheridan On loan from Bo'ness Athletic and Striker Joe Bevan from Kilsyth Athletic in WOSFL divison 4.
  11. And yet look at all the women's football posts on Facebook and is met by that patter.
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