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  1. That was because of his horrendous dive. Barely played after that
  2. It's the Rovers tho. We've probably paid up his contract and given him a loyalty bonus
  3. Most of the sheep on here said the same about Zanatta...
  4. He's the most overrated player in the squad. I don't get the hype around Spencer.
  5. Lang and Connelly are the only ones who need kept. The rest who's contracts are expiring are replaceable. There's probably a good chance Lang will stay because of his injury but there's no chance Connelly stays. He'll end up doubling his wages at the Pars or Falkirk.
  6. If that was anyone other than Frederiksen that had that shot Murray wouldn't have said anything. Our defending from corners is embarrassing. Felt bad for Tom Lang yesterday, he was everywhere having to cover for the other 3 in defence and bailed MacDonald out a few times.
  7. John Sim could save a family from a house fire and everyone on here would be complaining he didn't prevent the fire in the first place. It's a good honest interview.
  8. Big John never got a mention in the post match interview even tho he put himself about and almost got an assist at the end. In his 3 minutes he looked better than Connell has in about 3 months. So that probably backs up Murray hating him for some mysterious reason.
  9. It's good this has all came out so we know what's going on. If the club had just said nothing, everyone would be moaning about that. There's no winning.
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