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  1. Very true Kincardine. I do find it strange why people would vote for them.
  2. What a lot of absolute rubbish. Let's deflect your own disgusting views and try and say I have trivilised race. It is me calling out racism. You are something else and admitting you are a grass. Unbelievable. You come across as not a very nice person.
  3. You know exactly what is meant by someone calling a person that word.
  4. Asking for a poster to be binned because you don't like what he says. How sad can you get. I see that the racist talk hasn't stopped. Absolutely disgusting. Makes me ashamed to be Scottish.
  5. You've got to love the abuse. So mature.
  6. It's you that is saying that pal. I'm most certainly not.
  7. Not me pal. There are a few on here though.
  8. Wow, that is big and clever. You must be proud of yourself.
  9. That is just being ridiculous. Using it in the context that it has been a few times on this thread would certainly be a hate crime up here.
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