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  1. Good for your wee team . Its good you get a big win once in a while . You dizzy yet?
  2. We will still finnish above you . Lithgow your man aye
  3. Ohh my. Hate Dundee as a whole but Sevcco getting beat is good
  4. Our midfield was lightweight untill the signing of miko. Hopefully we play the 2 in font of the 4 untill we see what your playing and if its defensive move more attacking. I still think its gonna be close but i do think we might have a bit of confidence going in to this but so should have Morton after a decent draw against a good Dunfermline side imo. Im going for a small Accies win .....just.
  5. That should be the fear factor away and the confidence up for the players after a good first half. Has to be said though lucky at times through poor finishing . Should be a good second half for the nuetral anyway .
  6. Cmon the Real ones. Best of luck tonight hopefully get them back to Perth still in the tie.
  7. We must have a couple of attackers coming in. Smith was never going to be prolific but was a hard worker who annoyed defenders an just think him and ryan doing the running and Temps could just finding pockets of space could have worked well. As said hopefully a few attackers coming in now aswell as the lad from Aberdeen.
  8. Going to be a very close game this one a dont think theres going to be much between any of the teams in the league. As for the team lineup i think Ryan in for Moyo and McMann in for Callum Smith is a given the latter would be a good sub to bring on along with Temps if needed. Think Hughes is still caught up with Covid issues so it will need to be mimnaugh. As for the defence anybody but Ben Stirling please ta. Score prediction 2-1 Accies. Crowd 900 odd.
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