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  1. Boom, Hell Yeah, let's get it done
  2. No, it will not be a safe environment! I on the other hand would protect him from incoming Russian missiles, and definitely not buy him a pint beforehand. Therefore I should be given that other ticket, not that I in anyway want to be at the match
  3. Next Wednesday might tell us something
  4. I'll admit I'm totally sh*teing it for this game already
  5. See the other thread re strikers coming through. Craig is deaf and types how he signs. Apologies, can totally see that [email protected]
  6. Anyone worked out what this means yet?
  7. Reckon Tierney will be off to one of the elite group once his injury clears up. He's at that level now. Just wished be fit to show a bit of that v Ukraine
  8. Maybe shouldn't have started this thread. Everyone seems to be taking knocks since the rearranged date, was confirmed
  9. Except we're not beating anyone 4-0 I don't think
  10. That was some January window McFake had......
  11. Tbf Qatar/USA/Morocco would be an amazing opportunity to progress. Beating Morocco would also finally rid me of my 30th birthday trauma
  12. That last sentence is the one. Stevie Clarke should be in a position where he dictates the style of play the U21's go with. That way any players ready for the move up are already versed in what's expected. It's a damning indictment of the sfa that we don't have a national style of play. I spent 5 years in the Netherlands 30 years ago and everyone from coffee shop teams up knows the way they're supposed to play
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