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  1. Here he is, the East Fife guru posting big words to sound like he understands this club.
  2. So what your saying is bring back Covid so we can get dowds?
  3. Coming on here like your teams the big bollocks beating Celtic rangers and airdrie
  4. Thanks “stevo” cool username by the way for a 50 year old x
  5. Listen I was at the game Saturday and some of the fans that I spoke to,s comments about players were absalutely disgusting. I actually reported a few of them to the local steward who as per did nothing
  6. Google it rather than attention seeking with negativity here.
  7. What an absolut embarrassment we’ve become here guys. Surely it’s time for Darren to go. See that Kevin fozzy fotheringham just left his role and the chat around the Leven area is that hes “signed da ting”
  8. We’ve become an embarrassment. Will be lucky if we even get 9th this season. really need these strikers to sign
  9. If you actually bothered your arse to come and watch training you’d see JJ was there. Currently nursing a calf injury and that’s why he’s not signing I’m told. Was speaking to him the other day there. but forgot you know best, fella’
  10. This is a slightly over detailed assessment of my thoughts and is what brought about the “negative” chat I stated last week. we are signing a young striker from Havant and Waterlooville that has stats to rival ally mccoist (albeit at non league level), watch our fans still greet about it like little entitled babies
  11. Hope y’all going to watch us destroy St Johnstone B tonight, those who don’t go will be the ones that moan about us not signing good players. Huge transfer news incoming I’m always right
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