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  1. Bit of a mad request and sorry if its against the rules or anything. I'm working with Swedish TV company SVT, they are in Glasgow shooting a report of the importance of the Scotland v England game to the fans. I basically set them up with places and people to talk to because they don't know the country. I have things lined up for them, including with the guys at the Hampden Collection, but there's free time tomorrow morning until about 2pm and they are looking for something else to do in that time but aren't very specific about what it would be. The have the vague notion of talking to fans who might be working on something in a very scottish setting like Loch Lomond, that they could follow round for an hour or so talking about the match. I've already suggested Golf courses, and even folk like United Glasgow FC etc and its not working for them. I'm clueless now to be quite honest. Anybody want to talk about Scotland v England for a bit on Swedish TV? Any help would be massively appreciated and any slaggings will be accepted. I'm sure a fee can be worked out for the right kind of thing. Thanks.
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