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  1. Aye i think he'll get the 2nd half. Hancock will start the game and Hayes will move to LB for 2nd half with Duk playing on the left of the 3 behind Ramirez.
  2. I'd be a bit worried if we are spunking £400k on a replacement for McLennan. Could replace him for a bag of Haribo's. He's fucking useless.
  3. Goodwin had the opportunity yesterday to put Bates on and move Scales to LB when Hancock got injured but he chose to move Hayes back and put Watkins on. That says a lot for me. With MacKenzie and Hancock now injured i wouldn't be surprised to see us loan a LB until Jan. Suspect Ngwenya will get loaned out again. Needs to be playing regularly so a move to a championship team could be lined up for him.
  4. Not according to St Mirren fans. McGrath had a good 1st season but he was a penalty merchant. Completely went off the boil last season. For me, Ronan would be by far the better signing. Seems a better all round footballer and he loves a zinger the the Gorgie b*****d Garden. Give him the captaincy.
  5. Daytah Dave on the wind up on Twitter tonight it seems . Has some of the fans in a frenzy about Ronan.
  6. Maybe Ipswich weren't up to anything. He has offers from teams in his home country aswell and maybe fancies going back? I suspect we made a big play for him and he either wanted too much in terms of wages or he made it clear he wanted to go back home Roos for me is a decent enough signing. He's better than Woods without a doubt so will be better competition for Joe. Hopefully we'll now put the money towards Ronan and go after Reuven Niemeijer to solve our creative problem. Keep in line with the Dutch Dons.
  7. In the same league? Haven't heard that but i'll take your word for it.
  8. It's ok you can keep him. I don't think he fits into Goodwins style. Like you say he only got 6 from open play. Ramirez got 15. Would much rather keep him for the season.
  9. Piss poor attempt. We already have a Celtic loan player so can't have another. Better luck next time.
  10. It's keeping Watkins fit that's the big issue though. I wouldn't be surprised if Goodwin wants rid of him.
  11. The positive is we get a good player. The negatives are he can't play in our toughest fixtures. And if he does well he'll either get straight into their team (see Christie) or thry'll sell him for more than we can afford. A loan is easier to get behind if there's an option to buy. Here there's nothing. Our investment in him and giving him game time means f**k all as we likely won't be the ones to benefit.
  12. Need to get @RandomGuy. to work his magic and give us his strengths and weaknesses.
  13. I don't think either team will have players in the World cup final so it'll make no odds
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